Bling, Dog, Black Labrador Retriever / American Pit Bull Terrier / Mixed (short coat)

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Black Labrador Retriever / American Pit Bull Terrier / Mixed (short coat)
Primary Breed: 
Black Labrador Retriever
Secondary Breed: 
American Pit Bull Terrier
Vaccinations Up to Date: 
Coat Length: 
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Thank you for saving the life of a shelter pet! Specific descriptions of each pet and their LOCATION follow in the paragraph below. To expedite the adoption process, please be certain to read all of the information carefully included in the pet's description. Some of our pets are in FOSTER HOMES, some are in Petsmart in WASHINGTON or MONROEVILLE, and some at the SHELTER. STEP ONE: Please fax your application to the number listed in the pets description, NOT necessarily the fax number on the application and please inquire to the person in the pet's description. Please include all specific questions about the pet in the cover of your fax. This process will ensure that your place is held in the adoption process as we may not be able to answer email inquiries in a timely manner. IF no number is listed in the pets' desription, please fax DOG applications to 724-627.4160 and CAT applications to 610.819.0335. The shelter cannot answer questions about the pet's placed in foster homes and the foster homes will not have much information on the pets at the shelter. We request that you please do not call the shelter on inquiries as we are not staffed to handle volumes of calls. Bling is a Labrador/Pit Bull mix. She is an adult female. Please fax your application for me to 724.627.9988 and please include any specific questions on the cover of your fax. This will help us expidite your application and get me into your home sooner! If you have questions about me, you can email : BUT please understand it may take a couple of business days for us to respond and I could be adopted by then. So if you really want me, please FAX your application for me right now!!! HELP! We are in desperate need of high quality (Nutro, SCience Diet, Biljac, Blue) dog and puppy food both canned and dry. We can also use cahs (always), gift cards to Petco, Petsmart, Pet SUpplies Plus, toys, beds, crates, leashes, collars (new or used as long as they are clean), towels, blankets (we don't care if they are pretty), KMR or Just Born formula for the orphans and the moms who have too many babies and not enough milk. Advantage or Advantix flea treatment. Everything is tax deductible!!!! If you have specific questions about the dog, please include these on the cover sheet and we will do our best to get them answered. But animals behave differently in a shelter environment than they do in a home. We do our very best to make a good guess at the breed mix in our pets, but sometimes it is vert difficult, especially with puppies. We STRONGLY suggest, to try to help avoid disappointment, if you are interested in a puppy that you fax your application in immediately to 724-627-4160 as puppies, certain types, and small dogs move VERY fast. If your application is too late for this pet, we will be happy to put it on file on the waiting list for another puppy that meets your needs, just tell us that on the cover sheet. We desperately NEED food donations - PREMIUM pet food please (no colored food) or gift cards to PETsMART or PETCO if you want to send something if you cannot come visit yourself. Often these pets are stray and we know very little about them. If you have specific questions about an animal, please include this on your fax cover sheet. Applications do not obligate you to adopt a pet but they do mark your place in line for that pet. Pets go to the BEST home for that particular animal, not necessarily the first. In the event there is more than one ideal home, time and date of application is critical. Because there is often great demand for certain dogs, we encourage you to fax your Fully completed application in right away. Are you interested in adopting? Instructions can be found on our home page: Please fill out an application and fax it into the shelter. APPLICATION: We will contact you for an interview once your references have been checked. Thanks so much for adopting a shelter pet!!! We love our rescues and we take great care in finding the right pet for your home and the right home for our pets. Our adoption process may take several BUSINESS days as we must verify several EXTREMELY IMPORTANT bits of information: vet references , home ownership or landlord's permission to have pets, employment, and other personal references. Once these are verified we will contact you for a phone interview with the foster parent (if possible) or the shelter director. We understand this may be a little intrusive but unfortunately it is necessary as we see many cases of abuse and neglect. We hope you will understand that this process means we really care about our pets and aren't looking to just place them in any home and that our process is meant only to ensure that the pets will have a stable environment with a family that can meet standards of care. Most of them have come from homes that did not, so we cannot risk putting them into the wrong home. We also hope you will understand that we may not approve you for the pet you applied for, but might recommend a better fit for your home and lifestyle. For example, if you have young children we may not recommend herding dogs or kittens. Or if you are a senior citizen, we may recommend an adult dog or cat that will be less likely to get underfoot. There are many factors to be considered in finding the right pet and we do our best to cover all of them. Please be certain to completely fill out the application as incomplete applications may be delayed or not processed. All vet information is pertinent, so please include names and phones numbers and give them a call in advance to allow them to speak with us. Thank you for your patience and we will try to process your application as soon as possible. We want our pets in the new fur-ever homes ASAP! And again, we thank you for saving the life of a shelter pet!!