Louie, Dog, Bichon Frise

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Bichon Frise
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Bichon Frise
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DVBR is experiencing a very serious financial crisis. For every dog we place and receive a $200 to $300 adoption fee, we SPEND hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars. Can you help us recover some of these much needed funds? If so, click here to make a donation: Make a Donation! DVBR is now on Facebook!!! Click here to join our cause! Join Our Cause! Please note that all available information regarding this dog is listed here. If you are interested you MUST submit an application prior to contacting us. Inquiries from people who have not previously submitted an application will be discarded. All adoption information such as fees and adoption procedures are listed on our web page, and all information relating to this specific dog is listed below. The volume of inquiries we receive necessitates that we have a completed application before contacting you regarding this dog. Louie is a 2 yr. old, neutered male bichon. He only weighs about 8 lbs. but is DEFINITELY underweight!!! Sadly, Louie lived in a household with another fairly aggressive dog. This dog would NOT allow Louie to eat. Louie was the victim of near-daily dog fights. It was truly heartbreaking when we met Louie. He was nothing but skin and bones, and had evidence of dog bites all over his body. In addition, as a result of the constant stress AND malnutrition, Louie has spots of missing hair. Now that Louie is in a DVBR foster home we know that he will finally be able to start a new life, where he will be loved and cherished, and given he time and attention he so richly deserves. No dog deserves to endure what Louie had to endure. He lived with young children and was fine with them, but we think for the sake of his stress level, he should go to a home with older kids, or no kids at all. Louie's family indicated that he is housetrained. He just arrived in his foster home, and as is often the case, he's regressing a bit with his housetraining. This happens when a dog goes to a new home. His foster mom is trying to get him acclimated to her home & to get him on a regular schedule so she can work on that issue. It's entirely possible Louie will do a 180 degree turn-around, but it's too soon to tell. Again, his original family indicated that he was housetrained, so we feel confident he will come around as he becomes more comfortable with his new (temporary) family. Louie is extremely affectionate and loving. He is somewhat shy, no doubt due to what he suffered at the hands of his former 'brother'. Louie truly needs a family who will love and cherish him, and give him love and patient understanding. We feel just terrible about what he had to endure, and we hope that he can find a truly special family that really deserves him! If you are interested in Louie, keep reading for additional information about our adoption policies and procedures.