Callie, Dog, Bichon Frise

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Bichon Frise
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Bichon Frise
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* { font:inherit; } DVBR is experiencing a very serious financial crisis. For every dog we place and receive a $200 to $300 adoption fee, we SPEND hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars. Can you help us recover some of these much needed funds? If so, click here to make a donation: Make a Donation! DVBR is now on Facebook!!! Click here to join our cause! Join Our Cause! Please note that all available information regarding this dog is listed here. If you are interested you MUST submit an application prior to contacting us. Inquiries from people who have not previously submitted an application will be discarded. All adoption information such as fees and adoption procedures are listed on our web page, and all information relating to this specific dog is listed below. The volume of inquiries we receive necessitates that we have a completed application before contacting you regarding this dog. DVBR has been experiencing monumental computer issues over the last few weeks. The end result of these issues is that as of 6/26/09 we lost ALL data stored on our computer system when we were forced to do a 'system restore'. As a result, all previously-filed applications were lost. If you are a recent applicant who is still looking for a new friend, please re-apply as soon as possible. At this point we believe the issue has been resolved, but we have lost all previous data. We apologize for this inconvenience and we thank you for your understanding!!! Callie is one of six bichons that came in from a Northern New Jersey backyard breeder. She has spent her entire life in a crate - five years with no hope of escape! Callie had fourteen teeth pulled at the vet. Luckily she has plenty left, so that will not be a problem for her. She's been spayed, updated on shots & is now waiting for her PERFECT family. Despite her poor start in life, she is LOVING her new foster home, where she is NEVER crated, has lots of bichon buddies to play with, and a big backyard to run & play in. She is hanging with her companion, Misty right now. Her ideal home would be a quiet household with another small, friendly dog and a fenced backyard. If your home fits that description and you'd like to be considered for Callie, keep reading to learn more about our adoption policies & procedures. Callie is about 5 yrs. old. DO NOT call the rescue regarding this dog. We do not have the manpower to return the large volume of inquiries we receive anytime a new dog is posted. Our preferred method of communication is email. We check email & return inquiries on a daily basis. We do not return phone calls. All available information pertaining to this dog is already listed here. NO ONE will be considered as a potential family until they have submitted an application. This is the FIRST step in the adoption process! Pls. note that your application must include a VALID, LEGIBLE e-mail address, otherwise it will be discarded! This would seem like common sense, but the number of invalid email addresses we receive are surprising! Click here to submit our ONLINE application! No mailing or faxing is necessary! electronic application! After an application has been submitted, we will contact your current or previous vet to get a reference. We will also contact you (assuming we believe your home is a good match for one of our dogs) to schedule a home visit. NO ADOPTION IS EVER FINALIZED WITHOUT A HOME VISIT FIRST. This is a required part of the screening process. Our adoption fees are listed at the top of our online application. These fees help to offset the tremendous expenses involved in getting our dogs ready for adoption. Pls. read the top of our application for further info. about our fees. An important note about tie-outs! More & more lately we've noticed a trend toward using tie-outs. Many people believe that tie-outs are a cheap alternative to fencing their yards when they are considering adding a dog to their family. These people also don't have the time to WALK their dogs the four or five times a day they would need to in order to avoid housetraining accidents. We believe that tie-outs are a dangerous method of providing your dog with outdoor time. Bichons and similar breeds are small and would be 'sitting ducks' for other, more aggressive animals. They also would have no defense against unkind PEOPLE who might pass by... so tie outs are out of the question for these little guys! They need the security of a fenced yard or an owner at the opposite end of their leashes to protect them from the dangers of the outdoors! We hope you will understand that we are only looking out for the safety of our dogs when we say that we have a policy against placing dogs in homes where tie-outs will be utilized.