Rudy, Dog, Bichon Frise / Poodle (Miniature)

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Bichon Frise / Poodle (Miniature)
Primary Breed: 
Bichon Frise
Secondary Breed: 
Poodle (Miniature)
Special Needs: 
DVBR is experiencing a very serious financial crisis. For every dog we place and receive a $200 to $300 adoption fee, we SPEND hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars. Can you help us recover some of these much needed funds? If so, click here to make a donation: Make a Donation! DVBR is now on Facebook!!! Click here to join our cause! Join Our Cause! Please note that all available information regarding this dog is listed here. If you are interested you MUST submit an application prior to contacting us. Inquiries from people who have not previously submitted an application will be discarded. All adoption information such as fees and adoption procedures are listed on our web page, and all information relating to this specific dog is listed below. The volume of inquiries we receive necessitates that we have a completed application before contacting you regarding this dog. DVBR has been experiencing monumental computer issues over the last few weeks. The end result of these issues is that as of 6/26/09 we lost ALL data stored on our computer system when we were forced to do a 'system restore'. As a result, all previously-filed applications were lost. If you are a recent applicant who is still looking for a new friend, please re-apply as soon as possible. At this point we believe the issue has been resolved, but we have lost all previous data. We apologize for this inconvenience and we thank you for your understanding!!! 7/29/09 update: Hi there! My name is Rudy and my foster-mom thought I should tell you all a little about myself. First of all....I am ADORABLE. These pictures they put up of me are really quite embarrassing. Perhaps I am not very photogenic, or perhaps it was the photographer, but I don't mind telling you I am WAY CUTER than these pictures!!! what else can I tell you besides how cute I am? Well...let me tell you how incredibly SMART I am. My foster mom thinks I can understand a LOT of words, because when she talks to me, sometimes I do exactly what she asks. I also cock my head a little bit to the left or the right (as if I am REALLY listening). She likes I do it a lot! I can catch balls in my mouth BEFORE they hit the ground if I want to. I also LOVE to chase balls & bring them back. I love to do this SO MUCH that my foster-mom thinks I am part retriever. Obviously this is a ridiculous idea...just look at my pictures! BUT, she says she can't believe how much I love to retrieve balls. I also LOVE to get belly rubs. Sometimes I lay in her arms on my back, with my four paws hanging limply in front of me, and just let her rub my belly. She loves this, so I do it a lot. She says when I do this I look just like a little light brown teddy bear. When I first arrived I wanted to boss the other dogs around, and my foster-mom didn't like this too much, but I don't do that anymore. I'm a VERY GOOD BOY. I am COMPLETELY housetrained. I hear some of these bichons on this list have housetraining problems, but I am certainly NOT one of them. I know where I'm supposed to go to the bathroom, and that's where I go - OUTSIDE! I am only four years old, and I only weigh about 12 to 14 pounds. In addition to being ADORABLE I'm also small. This makes me even cuter. I am really a VERY unique dog. I am part bichon, and this is very obvious because I have the body structure of a bichon and the face of a bichon. However, the GREAT thing about me is that I am not just that BORING WHITE color that all bichons are...I am very light brown. This makes me incredibly cute. I'm not conceited...this is what everyone tells me. Three people from the rescue have met me, and they all think I'm so special they keep saying that if someone doesn't adopt me soon, I may not be going anywhere. I am 'just too special to let go!'