Travis, Dog, Bichon Frise / Cocker Spaniel / Mixed

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Bichon Frise / Cocker Spaniel / Mixed
Primary Breed: 
Bichon Frise
Secondary Breed: 
Cocker Spaniel
Home with dogs: 
House Trained: 
Special Needs: 
Vaccinations Up to Date: 
DVBR is experiencing a very serious financial crisis. For every dog we place and receive a $200 to $300 adoption fee, we SPEND hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars. Can you help us recover some of these much needed funds? If so, click here to make a donation: Make a Donation! DVBR is now on Facebook!!! Click here to join our cause! Join Our Cause! Please note that all available information regarding this dog is listed here. If you are interested you MUST submit an application prior to contacting us. Inquiries from people who have not previously submitted an application will be discarded. All adoption information such as fees and adoption procedures are listed on our web page, and all information relating to this specific dog is listed below. The volume of inquiries we receive necessitates that we have a completed application before contacting you regarding this dog. DVBR has been experiencing monumental computer issues over the last few weeks. The end result of these issues is that as of 6/26/09 we lost ALL data stored on our computer system when we were forced to do a 'system restore'. As a result, all previously-filed applications were lost. If you are a recent applicant who is still looking for a new friend, please re-apply as soon as possible. At this point we believe the issue has been resolved, but we have lost all previous data. We apologize for this inconvenience and we thank you for your understanding!!! 7/29/09 update: Hi there! My name is Travis. Let me tell you a little about myself. First of all, right now I am living in the same foster home as Rudy...he will tell you that he is NOT conceited, but I can tell you he is VERY conceited. He just thinks he's the best thing since sliced bread. I beg to differ. Let me tell you a little about myself so you can see what a GREAT dog I am. I am part cocker spaniel and part bichon. I have a BEAUTIFUL, silky, thick, wavy coat. Most cocker spaniels are different colors, but I'm special, mainly because I am ALSO part bichon, so although the texture of my coat is like a cocker (silky, thick, and wavy), the COLOR is more like a bichon. I am completely white, with just a touch of apricot on my back and ears. Rudy thinks he's so 'unique' because he's part bichon and part poodle. Big deal! Bichons and poodles look almost exactly the same! SPECIAL is me! You don't often see a dog that is part bichon and part cocker spaniel. This makes me REALLY UNIQUE. If you know anything about cocker spaniels then you know that I am 'eager to please' and 'intelligent'. I have the ingenuity of a hunting dog but the friendly personality of a household pet! I like the other dogs in my foster home just fine, but I'd also like to have a home all my own where I can be spoiled and get ALL the attention! I used to live with an older lady who got very sick. She let me hang out with her ALL THE TIME, and I just love that. Wherever you are, that's where I want to be. My foster-mom says that I am her little shadow. I HATE when she goes out, and I am SO HAPPY when she gets home!!! My little tail (and I have a LITTLE tail) wags constantly. I am just a happy little guy. I like to play too, but there is always someone around here wanting to take my toys, so I don't play as much as I'd like to. But that's okay...I'm also happy to cuddle on the couch with my foster-mom, or curl up and take a nap. Did I mention that I even SMILE. Seriously! I SMILE. When I'm really happy or excited, I can't help myself. My lips curl up a bit & I show my teeth while I'm wagging my tail. I can't stop just happens. My foster mom says it's VERY cute. She also says that my hair is SO MUCH silkier than bichon hair. It's soft and fluffy and silky. Oh....and I am COMPLETELY HOUSETRAINED. I would love to find an older lady to love....just like the friend I lost. Are you the right family for me? If you think so, keep reading. Pictures don't get much worse than MY pictures! My goodness....I don't even remember when they were taken but I must have been having a VERY bad day that day! I am MUCH CUTER than my pictures. My foster mom is going to try to get better photos as soon as she can, but in the meantime, use your imagination people! I'm cute! foster mom thinks I should be in an adult home, mainly because that's always the way it's been, so she thinks why change things now?!? Oh...did you know that bichons live to be 18+ yrs. old? And did you know that cocker spaniels usually live to be 15+? So hello people....DON'T call me old! Eight is NOT old! I am in the prime of life. We're going to go see about those cuter pictures now! Maybe some action shots where I am running in the yard. I have a really cute gait, and I look adorable when I am running through the yard, with the wind blowing my ears back. At least that's what my foster-mom tells me! Oh, my BEST friend at my foster-home is Cammy. I wish he could play with me. Sometimes I try to get him to play, but he doesn't see so well and he's sick right now, so he usually just ignores me. But he's a nice guy...I like him a lot! Travis is an 8 yr. old, neutered male bichon and cocker spaniel mix. He weighs about 20 lbs, give or take a pound either way. He was turned over to DVBR by the family of his owner, who is in her 80s and soon going into a nursing home. She has dementia and is having difficulty taking care of Travis or herself, and the family feels they have no other choice.