Henry, Dog, Beagle / Shepherd / Mixed (short coat)

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Beagle / Shepherd / Mixed (short coat)
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Henry was pulled from a pound in northeastern Ohio in May '08, where his time was running out quickly. He'd been brought to the pound by animal control, and was wearing the remnants of a very large chain. He showed characteristics of a dog who has spent his entire life on a chain and never had the opportunity to be a real companion. He used to pace in large circles for hours at a time, whether in the house or in the yard. It was probably the only thing he ever had the opportunity to do on a chain...Henry doesn't pace anywhere nearly as much now. He'll actually come up to us now looking to be petted, whereas in the past he'd just wander by without acknowleding we were there. The change in this dog over the last few months has been amazing. An absolutley adorable personality has emerged now that he feels safe in here. Although Henry hasn't actually played with dog toys, he likes to 'attack' the wall, the bottoms of chairs, the cat tree, bedspreads... anything he can lean or rub against, scratch the side of his face on, growl at playfully, and roll over on is fair game. He's quite entertaining when he sticks his head in the cat tent and carries it around for a few minutes. (He plays with it more than the cats do!)Henry weighs in at about 40 lbs, and is a friendly senior gentleman. This means, though, that he comes with typical senior problems. He doesn't see or hear too well, but still gets around! Henry crates VERY well with hardly ever a peep. We're working on housebreaking right now, and he's getting the hang of it. He likes to go in and out with the other dogs, and has even managed to find the door on his own a few times!Henry really seems to enjoy the company of the other dogs in the house! He loves to sniff them; it's one of the few things that makes his tail wag. Henry loves the cats, too, even after getting smacked in the face by them a few times.Aside from the hearing and sight impairments, Henry has some other minor issues as well: He has some arthritis in his rear end and is a little sore sometimes, but is taking a daily joint supplement to help with that. He has a large lipoma (benign fatty tumor) on a hind leg, his tail was broken at some point, and he has a couple of cysts on his eyelid. The cysts are not rubbing his eye and do not need to be removed at this point. At his first check-up, Henry tested positive for heartworms. He has completed treatment for this, and needs to be retested again in a few months. He also had some basic bloodwork done, and it came back all within normal ranges. So for a dog that's falling apart, he's actually in pretty good shape! Now that his htwn treatment is over, Henry will be neutered soon, at which time we'll have the cysts removed from his eyelids.THANKS FOR ALL YOUR DONATIONS! We were able to collect $140 of the $150 needed for Henry's heartworm treatment!!! Thanks to your generosity, this guy gets to spend the rest of his life happy, healthy, and heartworm free! All adoptions require an approved adoption application and a home visit. Email for details! Our organization offers 24PetWatch microchips, which include free registration into the 24PetWatch pet recovery service. For more information visit www.24petwatch.com or call 1-866-597-2424. This pet also comes with 30 days of pre-paid pet health insurance. For more information please visit www.sheltercare.com or call 1-866-375-PETS.