Sophia, Dog, Basset Hound

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Basset Hound
Primary Breed: 
Basset Hound
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Vaccinations Up to Date: 
Red/Golden/Orange/Chestnut with White
See Sophia's Homepage As per Sophia's foster mom: 'She looks a little bit like a fat beagle, but she is a basset. Anyway, she has become much calmer and I believe would be a good companion for somebody. She is very barky outside at squirrels, etc. and still likes to play a lot. She has always been housebroken from day one. Initially when she came she was actually the best adjusted dog I have ever on day one. She had been someone's pet, who just didn't want her (a nurse at the VA). She had no real issues, just liked to chew and run a lot, which I am sure is why her owner did not want to keep her. She needed a fence to run in and run off some of that energy. She loves to sleep in the bed with someone. She is a snuggler. I do feed her alone as I have several food aggressive dogs, and she was one at the time she came. She is also aggressive if she has a 'toy' or something she considers her that she has borrowed to play with, such as a stuffed animal and you try to get if from her. I learned with her just to offer her a treat and she will immediately drop the toy and get the treat. I have always said probably no little, little child for her, as she has been too rough and tumble. I would be afraid a little child might try to get a toy from her, and Sophia might snap. Cory takes things away from her without treats, but I do not like for him to do that. Anyway, she has become a pretty good girl. She likes to be in the house a lot more now. We have a doggy door so she can come and go at will, but she is choosing to be in much more in the past year, and is a much calmer girl now.' We now know that Spohia ia 88% basset. She is doggie-door trained and fun to have around. Won't you consider adopting this girl who has been with us for four years? Surely there is a forever home for this little girl out there!! She took to my kids immediately when I brought them over to see her --loved playing but loved to snuggle, too(by Susan, Director)