Sena, Dog, Basset Hound / Mixed

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Basset Hound / Mixed
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Basset Hound
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ATR an All Breed Rescue holds adoption events at the Petsmarts located at 185th and walker road and on Cascade Ave every saturdays from 12 noon to 4 pm. Many dogs (20-25) attend this event and are not listed on the site - so come to an adoption day, you never know what you may find! 5 yrs old. Very eager to please. Loves everyone and everything. Adoption fee is $150. Knows all kinds of tricks and basic commands. Housetrained. The rescue is in need of bones or other chew items for the dogs, if you cannot adopt a dog, maybe you can help them pass their time in rescue by donating chew bones. *********************************************************** Todays date: April 20, 2008. Most recent mission to save dogs - trip to New Mexico. 25 lives saved!!! Read on......... History: This little fellow came to us from New Mexico. Yes all the way from New Mexico. There is a little animal control an hour from Alberqueqe that has an enormous pet overpopulation problem. The reason - they have NO veterinarian within an hours drive of their small little town, so no one bothers to spay or nueter their pets. Making matters worse, they have such a small town that there are not enough people to give all these dogs homes, yet they have no problem continueing to populate it. The local animal control has only 20 cages for animals, dog and cat alike. Therefore when they are full and someone is standing at the door ready to release a pet the dog or cat that has been there the longest (regardless of age or breed - even if its an 8 week old small breed puppy) is immediately taken into the back of the building and gassed to death. There are only two workers at this animal control and neither of them even know how to administer even a vaccine. This animal control gasses whole litters of puppies and pregnant dogs. It is devistating and heartbreaking, therefore we had to step in and help. Two of our volunteers drove 24 hours one way to take as many dogs as possible to keep them alive. Adoption fees on some of these dogs may be slightly higher than your used to but keep in mind these facts: Round trip gaseline total was $1,100.00 - All dogs had to have a full blood panel including heartworm testing. All dogs had to have fecals to test for parasites and bacteria's - all dogs had to be treated for worms, fleas, ticks, giardhia, and coccidia. All dogs had to receive vaccines: Bordetella, parvo combination and giardiavac. All dogs had to have a full veterinary exam. All dogs had to be spayed and nuetered. Total cost to the rescue per dog: $450.00 - we are VERY proud to say that we saved 25 dogs and they are all listed on Petfinder looking for permanent homes. Thanks and have a Great Doggie Day!!!! We have a wonderful selection of toy to large breed dogs for adoption, mixes and purebreds. Come check us out at the WASHINGTON SQUARE PETSMART LOCATED AT 8825 SW Cascade Avenue, Beaverton, OR 97008-7495 Or contact by email at - volunteers are able to return you phone call by leaving a message at 503-543-7626. Available dogs will be removed immediately once they are adopted so if you see my picture I am available. Have a Great Doggie Day!!!! The rescue spays/nueteres all dogs and puppies that come through. Shots are updated and vet checks are performed. Adoption fees range depending on age and breed of the rescue pet.