Delia, Dog, Basset Hound / Mixed

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Basset Hound / Mixed
Primary Breed: 
Basset Hound
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Arrival story: Delia comes to us from a rural shelter where she was taken in as a stray. Approximate age / weight:Delia is about 2 years old, and weighs 31 lbs Personality: BAWH!! That's Basset Hound for 'HI!' It also means 'I've found a scent' and 'come back and let me out.' It is a multi-purpose word that I use a lot. Usually just outside. Not always, though. Myfostermom says that you want to know about me. Well, I wouldn't say I've had a hard life; I've been kept healthy and fed. But nobody cared enough about me to teach me how to be a good dog. Myfostermom is trying, though, and I'm picking up a few things. I mostly come over when she calls my name, because, hey, TREAT! Unless there's a really interesting critter-trail. Those are more important than treats. Sometimes she makes me sit on my butt for a treat. I can do that! I get treats when I potty outside, but not when I potty inside. I don't really get that, but I don't potty inside as much anymore, because, hey, no treats. I'm not stupid! And I never potty inside my crate, because, eewww. And ick. Treats are my favorite thing. Well, people are my favorite thing, too. And other dogs? Yup, favorite thing too. Except for GrumpyDog. He snaps at me, so I fight him! I bet I'd win, too, if Myfostermom didn't separate us. Sniffing around the yard is a MegaFavorite. Myfostermom says I have a lot of things that motivate me, so she thinks I'll learn how to be good pretty quickly. But she says we have to work at it, because she lost her magic wand (whatever that is). That's ok, treats are better anyway. Forever home: I want Forever People who will teach me how to be a really good dog, so I can get lots of treats. Maybe take me to a class where I can get ALL of my favorite things - good-dog treats, new smells, other dogs, and people. And I want a sniff-a-licious yard with a fence, so I don't have to be tied up. I wouldn't like that... I don't even like the leash when it doesn't go where the critter-trails go. I'd like another dog to play with (if they're not GrumpyDogs), but I'd be ok if it's just people to play with, too. If you've got some kids, I could play with them, as long as they're old enough not to fall on me and hurt my back. I have to play with SOMEBODY, though, because I'm only two! I should be crated if you have to go away, and I'll complain about it for a little while. BAWH! BaWOOWooooo! Then I'll sleep, because sleep is one of my favorite things too. I'm not really a cuddle-bug, but if I could snooze on your feet when things are quiet, that would be good. And if you could scratch my ears, that would be very good! Pre-Adoption Application: To be considered for a dog, it is best to submit a pre-adoption application. The Pre-Adoption Application can be downloaded from our website - Just complete the application and email it back to Waggin' Tails Adoption Information: Waggin' Tails Dog Rescue has a standard adoption fee of $175 for adult dogs. Different adoption fees apply for older dogs, small breeds and puppies - $100 for senior dogs (9 years +), $275 for small breed dogs and $200 for puppies plus a $50 deposit which is returned upon proof of spay/neuter at six months of age. Our adoption process includes an application, vet reference checks, and a home visit. We do not have a facility; all of our dogs are fostered in private homes. To view our dogs, please check for the dates of our next adoption events. To meet a dog in person, please see our event calendar for the latest information. Arrangements can be made to meet our rescue dogs outside of Saturday adoption events after an approved application is submitted (the application does not imply an obligation by the applicant or by the rescue group). Please be kind to our volunteers who have made rescue a second job that they do in their spare time after coming home from full-time jobs. E-mail inquiries will be answered much more quickly than phone inquiries; our phone number is a voice mailbox only. Thank you for your support of rescue and your interest in a rescue dog!