Marley, Dog, Australian Shepherd

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Australian Shepherd
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Australian Shepherd
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Marley is such a special dog that had a huge team behind in when he needed rescue. He was in a kill shelter in GA and his time was up. The shelter was desperate to save him because they had the opportunity to get to know him, and saw him to be a very sweet gentle soul of a dog. They did not feel that he deserved to be put to sleep, naturally as thousand of dogs have faced this fate, and sent out a desperate plea for a rescue to step up and help him. Fur Angels was alerted by his plight and since we work with deaf animals as well as non-disabled animals due to our special knowledge of working and training deaf animals. We agreed we'd save him. Now what was left was to get him to Indiana! So many volunteers stepped up to help transport him to Fur Angels. Along the way, he has met and befriended so many volunteers involved in saving this dog. Every single one of them walked away enriched. Every single one of them has remarked how sweet and how special he is. They all said he had a special aura around him that draws people to him. People forget that he's deaf when they meet this dog and are captured by his sweet nature. He is being fostered in a foster home who has other dogs and cats. He has shown to be very friendly toward dogs and cats. He also has shown us how much he adores children. When he sees children, his whole body wriggles and his tail won't stop wagging! He has attended puppy classes and training classes and shown to excel in them. He's learning a lot of hand signals in place of verbal commands and has shown us he's a very smart boy! He's neutered, and is up to date on his vaccinations This baby deserves a wonderful home of his own and his adoption fee is $150.00 If you're interested, please contact Angel, his foster home, at 219 263 6796 Update 9-25-08: Marley is showing the signs of having epilepsy. Epilepsy is common among Aussies and seems to be more common among the double merles. It may have something to do with them having more recessive genes, but not enough is known about exactly how genetic it is. He has had 3 seizures in the past month, all of which being grand mals. He begins with full body rigidity which is accompanied by drooling and loss of bladder. This portion lasts for approximately 15-20 seconds. The second phase also lasts about 15-20 seconds which involves vocalization. He will howl loudly which also sounds like a groan at the same time. The final phase is confusion and blindness. He is completely blind and shows great disorientation. He seems to be totally lost in his home and tries to walk over tables and chairs with no obvious destination. This phase lasted 3 hours with his first seizure. Under veterinarian advice, he was given diazepam as soon as he was able to take it with his second seizure. This stopped the blindness and disorientation, but made him very sedated. With his third seizure he was given a lesser dose as we are working to find the balance of most effective with the lowest dose. If his seizures continue like this, he will begin a medicinal regiment to help control them. Phenobarbital is a widely used medication and is relatively in expensive. You can get a months worth of medication for between $10-$15 depending on what your vet charges.