MONTANA, Dog, Australian Shepherd (medium coat)

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Australian Shepherd (medium coat)
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Australian Shepherd
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Please contact Denise ( for more information about this pet. CODA (Cleveland Ohio Dog Advocates)1-877-664-1314codadogrescue@givemepaw.comP.O. Box 44092Brooklyn OH 44144 We are also collecting used ink jet and laser jet print cartridges all proceeds go to the rescue dogs You can mail your used printer cartridges to us at: CODAP.O. Box 44092Brooklyn, Ohio 44144 MONTANA Deaf Male Minature Australian Shepherd Puppy Montana is a 12 week old Minature Australian Shepherd Puppy who was purchased by a local Ohio resident as a show prospect breeding dog from a Minature Australian Shepherd Breeder in MT. We were contacted by the lady who purchased Montana from the above breeder to see if we could take him into rescue after it was discovered that Montana was deaf and had some eye defects ( He has very functional vision per our evaluation here at CODA) The lady who purchased him took him to her vet for an exam and the Vet Evaluated Montana and stated the following I examined this Australian shepherd pup Montana today and found him to have one or more congenital eye defects. His right eye has an irregular pupil medial defect and remains enlarged in a bright light. I suspect that he has a persistent papillary membrane with iris adhesion or a coloboma. He also appears to be hearing impaired or fully deaf. He has no response to loud noise and does not respond to voice calls. This pup was examined on 12/4 / 2007 Emerald Animal Hospital Dr. Constance Curran Montana was also diagnosed to have Coccidia at his vet exam with Dr. Curran Montana was treated with Albon to cure his coccidia and has finished all his medication The lady who purchased Montana fell in love with his wonderful personality and did not want to return him to the breeder so she chose to surrender him to CODA so that we can find Montana a perfect deaf dog experienced home where he can learn and flourish and grow into a wonderful adult dog. You can read more detailed information about Montana and see more photo's of Montana from our main website located at Montana is a very smart and loving puppy He is doing excellent on his housebreaking and will squeak to let us know when he has to go potty Montana loves to be held and cuddled but is quite active and loves to play with abandon Montana runs and plays and has never bumped into or run into anything so appears to have very functional vision at this stage of his life. Montana has the most gorgeous, piercing blue eyes that are just mesmerizing Montana watches his caretakers constantly so will be very easy to train to sign language Montana is learning quickly here in rescue and has already mastered walking up and down the stairs to go outside to potty and play Montana is doing well on his leash training and is working on learning the sign for ' sit' and ' quiet' and ' no' UPDATE 12/21/07 Montana was examined by Dr. Brian today and received his first VERIFIABLE puppy vaccination Since no vaccination records were surrendered along with Montana we have to assume he has had none of his puppy vaccinations Montana's eyes do have some minor defects of malformed and slightly misaligned pupil per Dr. Brian Montana's eye defects are genetic in nature and not a defect that can be cured or improved via surgery Montana should have very functional vision throughout his life We have seen genetic eye defects a million times worse than Montana's in our many years of rescuing Australian Shepherds and other breeds carrying the merle gene Montana weighed in at 12.2. lbs at his vet visit today at age 12 wks. Montana is scheduled for his neuter surgery 12/28/07 COST OF MONTANA'S VET VISIT TODAY $65.00 WON'T YOU PLEASE HELP US HELP MONTANA? UNTIL A LOVING PERMANENT HOME CAN BE FOUND FOR HIM? If you can help us to defray the costs of saving Montana and helping with his medical bills please click on the button below: Montana will need his puppy vaccinations and will need to be neutered to ready him for his new family If you are interested in giving Montana a loving home please fill out an adoption application We are seeking a home with a secure fenced in play area for Montana Home with previous deaf dog experienced MANDATORY to adopt Montana Australian Shepherd experienced adopter preferred ADOPTION APPLICATION