Clyde, Dog, Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler / Mixed

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Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler / Mixed
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Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler
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Brown/Chocolate with Tan
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1/10/09: Yes...still waiting. Clyde is one crazy boy, but he is precious too! His foster home would love for him to find a home within driving distance so they can visit him sometimes. However, they want him to find a home of his own so he can get all the attention he deserves. With working full-time and fostering several other dogs, he just doesn't get the attention (and training) he deserves). Clyde is one big lovebug. He would love to live with someone who likes to snuggle with him at night and play with him as much as possible during the day. He still loves to go on car rides. This boy deserves a chance. If someone is looking for 2 dogs, he would love to recommend his foster buddy, Julie (they are good buds). Call Allison at 901-240-9848 if you have any questions. 11/18/08: LOOK- he's still here! Poor Clyde...still no forever home. We know he may not be the most striking or the most handsome boy, but he makes up for it with shear love. Clyde is one big baby. He can be a little 'all about me' when other dogs are around (e.g. jumping for attention) so he probably wouldn't be great for very small children if in a multiple dog family. However he would not intentially harm children (he had been living with children as young as 8) and loves to be a part of a family. This guy deserves a chance. He gets along great with every dog he comes in contact with too, so he'd be a great walking partner in dog friendly neighborhoods. Won't you please just make an appointment to meet him- you'd be pleasantly surprised!. Call Allison at 901-240-9848. 8/09/08: Here are a few updated pictures of sweet Clyde (although admittedly not great...he likes to run towards you every time you bend down to take a picture). Clyde has really turned out to be a wonderful companion. This boy wants to ride in the car every chance he gets. All he wants to do is be around his family. So if you are interested in him, be prepared to have a lifelong, loyal buddy. He does enjoy other dogs, but would rather be with people (so he could be an only dog). Clyde is a very affectionate dog. It's nothing for him to lay across your lap waiting for some hugs and kisses. He loves children too (although the youngest in his foster family is now 9 and pretty dog savvy- he still jumps in excitement on occasion). We are still looking for his forever home. Please call Allison at 901-240-9848 if you have any questions about this sweetie! 7/12/08: Poor Clyde is so sad.. he has lost his long term buddy, Douglas (he was adopted last week). Clyde and Douglas were together almost a year. The good news is that with Douglas gone, Clyde has become much more calm and more attentive. It's almost an overnight miracle! Clyde still jumps a bit, but for the most part he is doing very well. Clyde is a very sweet boy who wants to play with any dog he comes in contact with. He has been around children 7 years and up, but may be a little much for very small children. He loves to try to catch water so watch out when you bring out the hose! His favorite is the mister setting...he thinks he's a king! Please consider adopting this adorable boy. Check back for more pictures soon! 6/11/08: Clyde has completely recovered from Heartworm Treatment and is doing fantastic! However, in the process he lost his foster home up North. The good news is he is still available for adoption! Clyde gets along with all of the dogs in his foster home (from 20 pounds to 70 pounds!). He is a sweet boy who needs a bit more training (he still likes to jump at times), but has a wonderful heart. Check back for updated pictures of Clyde soon. 4/18/08: Thank you to Nancy and Vicki, Clyde's Doggie Angels, for sponsoring Clyde's Heartworm Treatment. 3/03/08: Terrible news for Clyde. As he was preparing to leave up North on Thursday, we found out that he tested light positive for heartworms. His sister, thankfully tested negative (go figure). Both have been on heartworm preventative for 7 months at their foster home, but they obviously were infected before then! Anyway, we are all heartbroken because that means that Chelsea will have to make the trip alone. So now Clyde needs a doggy angel or two to help him get enough funds together so that he can be treated. This boy is such a sweetheart and deserves a great life- can you please help him??? 2/25/08: HOORAY FOR CLYDE! He is going to a foster home thanks to a wonderful Rescue Group up North! Clyde's sister, Chelsea, has been adopted up North, but it won't be long until someone snaps him up too! At least they get to make the trip together! Clyde has become the star pupil at his obedience class..really. He is super smart and picks up so quickly on Clicker Training! He will make someone a terrific pet! 1/14/08: Clyde is all grown up! Well he still needs some training, but he is very affectionate. Because he is a bit rough around the edges (pushy and jumpy), a home with very small children would not be appropriate for him (at least until he is trained). Clyde is just a big goof who wants to romp and play. He deserves his forever home! Clyde is completely crate trained and enjoys the company of other dogs (he is particularly close to his sister, Chelsea). Can you give him a chance??? UPDATE 12/15/07: Clyde longs for a home of his own! He is an active boy that needs much more exercise than he is getting right now (which is not very much, unfortunately). Clyde needs basic obedience training, but is very smart so he will likely pick up on it quickly. His foster home just has WAY too many dogs right now and cannot give him the attention he deserves. Please check back for new pictures soon (these were taken over 2 months ago! Oh and he's definitely willing to convert to any team, he just thought he would find a home up North by now). Call to make an appointment to meet him-- you won't regret it! Update 10/22/07: Clyde is still in his foster home and doing very well. He is an energetic dog who loves to play with other dogs (for hours if you let him!). He needs basic obedience training still as he tends to get so excited and jump up on people (he would be a bit much for small children). He can be very gentle as well, especially when he gets alone time with his foster parent. Clyde longs for a forever home and would love for you to meet him! He is already neutered and up to date on his shots! Call soon! UPDATE 8/23/07: Clyde and his sister, Chelsea have found a very temporary foster home to keep them safe from the heat (they were outside at the shelter due to overcrowding). Clyde is crate trained and very eager to learn. He loves to play with other dogs too! It would be a shame to send him back to the shelter- please help! Good day, I'm Clyde! I came into the shelter with my sister, Chelsea. We adore each other (thank goodness because it can be a very scary place at a shelter). We aren't very old at all (maybe 7 months??) and we have tons of love to give. No one is sure exactly what we are, but we know we will be fantastic companions for someone! Please call Joan at 870-739-1145 if you'd like to make an appointment to see me! Unable to adopt or foster? Click the button below to sponsor me via PayPal.