Poppy, Dog, American Pit Bull Terrier (medium coat)

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American Pit Bull Terrier (medium coat)
Primary Breed: 
American Pit Bull Terrier
House Trained: 
Special Needs: 
Vaccinations Up to Date: 
Tan/Yellow/Fawn with White
Coat Length: 
Update 11-1-09--Poppy has been transferred to her new foster home! She is safe, but she still needs a forever home. Could that home be yours? This girl is easy to love. A super human lover who is good with kids and cats, even if she doesn't like every other dog she meets. Poppy has been a part of the Bama Bully Rescue family for sometime.. even before we were BBR. She actually came to our rescue (same foster mommy), when another rescue disbanded. She was adopted by her current owner in the summer of 2008. Unfortunately, her owner has decided to surrender her, as there is a new dog in the home, and he and Poppy have already gotten into one altercation. As they will also be welcoming a child in the next few months, we've all agreed that the best thing to do is for us to take Poppy back. After all, forever means forever, and when we originally took her in, we told her we'd love her forever. From her surrendering owner: Poppy is a spayed female APBT/Bull Terrier mix 5 years old Gorgeous Tan/white coat with a dark brown patch over her left eye 45 lbs, short and muscular Has the absolute cutest ears and face ever, and is very expressive with her ears Poppy is absolutely, unquestionably the sweetest dog ever. She wants nothing more than to curl up next to you or on you, give you a few kisses, and just snuggle. She is terrific with kids, and cats, and all people, yet she has a some mild/moderate problems with other dogs. She is dog selective, meaning she doesn't get along with every dog that she meets. She likes to be the dominant dog and can sometimes be dominance aggressive, but she shows clear warning signs and behavioral cues when this happens. Poppy will however warm up to certain dogs in about half an hour after introduction to the dog, and will become best buds and playmates with them; however, this is largely dependent on the attitude and personality of the other dog. The only other slight issue that Poppy has is her storm anxiety. This is one of the saddest things to watch. When Poppy hears thunder or sees lightning, or fireworks, she panics and feels the urge to hide. Really, she will just sit there in the corner, or under the bed and pant hard and shake for a few hours, and will then calm down and return back to her normal happy self. Other than these two things, Poppy is the perfect dog. As I said, she is so loving, so sweet, has never met a stranger, and is the cutest thing to watch play. Poppy gets so excited when it's feeding time, she will dance around with the biggest smile on her face. Poppy loves to play with her dog roommate, and they often times will snuggle together, but she prefers the company of a human to that of another dog. She was abused during her first few years of life, so she cowers easily when you raise your voice to her, but given that she doesn't misbehave, there really isn't ever a need to do so. She could use some confidence building to help her deal with her fright of storms and loud voices. Poppy loves to sleep!! Being 5 years old, she's the first in bed and the last out of it. She loves her crate and will sometimes go play in there, yet she makes the perfect snuggle buddy in bed, or on the couch, or in a lay-z-boy. She is very treat-motivated, and is quick to learn new tricks. She has mastered sit, shake, and lay down. She will also roll over, walk in a figure 8, and say her prayers after a few tries. Poppy doesn't chew things that she isn't supposed to chew, and she loves treats and rawhide bones. She is so well behaved that she is typically left uncrated when I am gone and rarely has an accident or tears up anything. She has been around cats and children for the past few years and is absolutely an angel around both. She has no interest in cats whatsoever, and will ignore them 99% of the time. Poppy is the worst guard dog ever, as she will rarely get out of bed if someone comes through the front door, and if she does, it's simply to greet them with licks and sniffs, stranger or no stranger. Words cannot express how sweet Poppy is, and despite her dog selectiveness, she really is the best pet ever. She would be a wonderful addition to any family, and would be ideal for a one dog home. She absolutely loves car rides too and is very well behaved in the car. Poppy was initially rescued 3+ years ago from an abusive owner who kept Poppy locked up in a tiny cage outdoors all day and night. Poppy spent a year and a half in foster care before being adopted by me. Now, due to an unfortunate twist of fate, I have to surrender her again- and if I had any reasonable way around this, you can believe I wouldn't be giving her up, as she is literally the best dog to ever grace this planet. Poppy is up to date on all shots and is on heartworm and flea prevention. She is also microchipped. She is as healthy as can be, is in great shape, and really would bring joy to anyone's life. TO ADOPT/FOSTER/SPONSOR, please apply at www.bamabully.org/dogs.html If you have questions, email apps@bamabully.org Please click the link below to fill out our adoption application! Adoption Application Adoption requirements: Adoption application must be completed and submitted to begin the adoption process. Vet references will be checked, all current pets must be up to date on vaccines and spayed or neutered unless actively showing or there is a valid reason for not being altered. Upon approval, a home visit will take place, adoption fee is secured and transfer of dog will be completed.