Snowball of MN, Dog, American Eskimo Dog (short coat)

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American Eskimo Dog (short coat)
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American Eskimo Dog
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See Snowball of MN's Homepage Please contact Karen ( for more information about this pet. LOCATION:Duluth, MN Man oh Man! Opps please excuse my unlady like talk but, Man is it cold in MN! I never even imagined my name could be associated with such cold stuff! Other than the below zero temperatures and the fact that my feet feel like they are being stuck with a million tiny needles when I walk in this fluffy white stuff I am doing pretty darn good for a 14 year young girl. I was rescued from a backyard in Austin, TX after spending 9 months their abandoned by my owner. The neighbor fed me and eventually contacted ERU who had an angel swoop down from MN and whisk me away. I have since moved from the Twin Cities area to the cold tundra of Duluth, but the warmth of my foster Mom Karen and all the other wonderful people who have looked after me makes up for the cold. I have had my foster Mom worried though as I have not been eating well and throwing up some so we went to the vet. Well they said I was very low HW+ and very healthy for my advanced age but my teeth are horrible and are what is making my life miserable! I am not a complainer though and will be grateful for whatever can be done. The vet said I have 13 teeth that have to be removed and of course the cost is pretty high. Now I know it is hard to justify spending that kind of money on an old gal such as myself but truthfully I feel as if I have quite a few more years to share my kisses and love and may even aim for the longest living Eskie title. Not sure what that would be but I am willing to try. If you can find it in your heart to help me win that title by donating some bucks (there I go again with my unlady like talk) ahumm..dollars so we can have these nasty teeth taken out of my mouth and the infection that rages along with them I would be forever grateful. Remember if you go to the site and donate to help me make sure to tell them the donation is for Snowball of MN. You may contact my foster mom Karen at if you would like to hear more about me. Whenever possible Eskie Rescuers United tries to adopt out its dogs locally (or at least to adopters in adjoining states to where I'm being fostered). Please note that ERU processes LOCAL adoption applications before considering those from out of state. If I'm not local to you, as explained above, and you really have your heart set on me, you will have to make special arrangements so ERU can get me to you safely (for example, flying me to you at your own expense, or paying a transport group to drive me to you). Note: We may ask that you to make a donation to cover transport costs if the distance is great and we have trouble finding transport drivers.There is an adoption fee required; and, please be aware, Eskie Rescuers United will not adopt out its dogs as outdoor dogs. Eskie Rescuers United American Eskimo Dog Rescue, Inc. is an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Please click the donation button below to make a tax-deductible donation through PayPal and help make a difference to even one American Eskimo dog!