Jerry in CO, Dog, American Eskimo Dog / Chow Chow (long coat)

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American Eskimo Dog / Chow Chow (long coat)
Primary Breed: 
American Eskimo Dog
Secondary Breed: 
Chow Chow
Home with dogs: 
Home with kids: 
House Trained: 
Vaccinations Up to Date: 
White with Tan, Yellow or Fawn
Coat Length: 
See Jerry in CO's Homepage My name is Jerry and I was found wandering the streets in Colorado and ended up at this scary place called a shelter. They kept me warm and dry but it really made me scared to be there! I was at the shelter a really long time - 2 months! But finally some really nice people from ERU showed up to take me into rescue. I'm a totally beautiful, laid back boy who loves to have my belly rubbed! You should see my beautiful's got this golden tint to it and everyone is always gushing about how beautiful it is! I am very nervous in new situations, but hey, that's true with almost all Eskies, right? One of my favorite things to do is play with other dogs, so if you have another dog for me to play with...that would be so great! Well, nobody's perfect, right? So here are some things you should know about me. The rescue people don't think I am housetrained, either that or I like to mark. But I was just neutered a few weeks ago, so the rescue people hope that maybe the marking is due to my surgery. How embarrassing to have to talk about this!! I'm blushing! Also, I get really freaked out when you make a sudden quick move at me, and I tend to get nippy if that happens. So the rescue says they won't adopt me out to anyone who has little kids. You know, those little guys like to move quick and suddenly! Because I was in a shelter for so long and because I tend to be nervous, I'm getting some special socialization training at a local dog day care. I've only been here a short time and already they think I'm really coming around. But they want me to be here for a little while to unlearn some of the nervous habits I have. When I go to my new forever home, I want to be on my best behavior so I can live there forever! Can you blame a guy for wanting his own home and family??!! Be patient and check for updates on me. I'll let you know how things are going in my training. Whenever possible Eskie Rescuers United tries to adopt out its dogs locally (or at least to adopters in adjoining states to where I'm being fostered). Please note that ERU processes LOCAL adoption applications before considering those from out of state. If I'm not local to you, as explained above, and you really have your heart set on me, you will have to make special arrangements so ERU can get me to you safely (for example, flying me to you at your own expense, or paying a transport group to drive me to you). Note: We may ask that you to make a donation to cover transport costs if the distance is great and we have trouble finding transport drivers.There is an adoption fee required; and, please be aware, Eskie Rescuers United will not adopt out its dogs as outdoor dogs. Eskie Rescuers United American Eskimo Dog Rescue, Inc. is an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Please click the donation button below to make a tax-deductible donation through PayPal and help make a difference to even one American Eskimo dog!