Ruby, Dog, American Bulldog

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American Bulldog
Primary Breed: 
American Bulldog
Special Needs: 
Here is a picture and bio of Ruby. She was on Red list at the Camarillo Shelter as she was surrendered by her owners because she has severe hip dysplasia and needs to have a full hip replacement surgery in the next two or three months.I have been doing all I can to raise the money and trying to find the breeders so that they can be stopped. I finally found a wonderful surgeon located in South Pasadena who has offered to do the surgery for cost. The total cost is around $3,500- $4,000. So far I have raised $1,200.Ruby is an eleven month old American Bulldog who I rescued the day before she was scheduled to die. She is the sweetest most mellow angel, great with kids and other dogs. I am fostering her only because I can't keep her as I live in a one bedroom apartment and already have two English Bulldogs. Its not Ruby's fault that she has bad hips and I am doing everything I can to give her a chance at life. If she doesn't have the surgery she will not be able to walk in a few years. I would greatly appreciate any support you can offer at this time.Sincerely, Kim Jones (805)450-6282