Sadie, Dog, Akbash / Great Pyrenees / Mixed (medium coat)

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Akbash / Great Pyrenees / Mixed (medium coat)
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Great Pyrenees
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If you're not able to adopt at this time, could you please become Sadie's buddy? A one time or monthly donation would really help with Sadie's care. Contact the email below for more information. Thank you! 8-20-05 Many of you might remember Sadie from before. She was in our foster care for a long time, and was adopted by a good family. Because of personal problems the family encountered, they found they were no longer able to keep her and we have brought her back into our care. Sadie has come back to us as the same super sweet, faithful and trusted companion that she was when she left. Sadie may be a Pyrenees/Akbash mix. Like purebreed Pyrs, she has double dew claws on her back legs. Equiped with beautiful dark mascara eyes and a constant smile that will tug at your heart, she is ever respectful of home and family. She absolutely adores children, and has been refered to as Nana, the Saint Bernard in Peter Pan! She loves to snuggle with children during nap time, and faithfully follows them from room to room. She is housebroken, does not jump up on furniture or people, and would be content both inside and out. Although she is an alpha female, she does get along with other female dogs, as well as cats and chickens. Sadie has suffered from a long-standing injury. Before first coming into foster care, she ruptured a ligament in her hind leg that has never been corrected. Because of this, at times she does limp but is not in any pain. Indoors, she needs to be able to walk on non-skid carpeting for stability, as bare floors can be difficult for her to navigate. Outdoors, she would do best in a small to medium sized enclosed yard. Sadie can fly like the wind when she feels the need to protect her property, but we fear that she might further damage her leg if she were allowed to run for miles and miles! She could have the ligament surgically corrected, which would involve a somewhat lengthy recovery period, but it is not necessary for her overall health, well being or happiness. To sum it up, Sadie has the most optomistic personality of any dog I have seen come into rescue! CLICK HERE FOR MORE PICTURES OF SADIE Sadie's adoption donation is $175.00. If you are interested in adopting this dog or any other dog please do the following: 1. CLICK HERE FOR THE DIRECT LINK TO FILL OUT THE ADOPTION APPLICATION 2. We will check your vet reference. 3. We will set up for a home visit. The 5 ft or higher fencing must be in place and be very secure for the adoption to proceed. 4. If everything has passed, we will then have you work with the foster mom of the dog(s) you are interested in adopting. 5. The adoption contract must be received along with the adoption donation for the dog before a transport will be arranged. For more information please contact Rescue Coordinator Diane Thiel at Email: PERMANENT FENCING IS REQUIRED FOR ALL ADOPTIONS FENCING MUST BE AT LEAST 5 FT. HIGH**NOTE** The electric underground fencing is unacceptable for this breed