Chloe, Cat, Turkish Van / Mixed

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Turkish Van / Mixed
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Turkish Van
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WE WILL BOW WOW YOU!!! In Chloe’s foster mom's words: Hi, my name is Chloe, and I am 1 1/2 years old. I was abandoned with my babies. This lady found all of us and took us in and took very good care of me and my little ones. So now I am looking for a loving family to take car of me. All I really need is a lot of patience so that we can get to know each other. I am a bit leery of people given that me and my babies were abandoned. I am very quiet, so you won’t know that I am around. Once I know that you love me, I will love for you to hold me. I am sorry that you have to be patience with me, but I hope that you can understand after what all I have been through to survive and to protect my babies. I like to sleep on my kitty bed and I love my scratching post. I am a house cat now. And that is the way that I want it to remain. I feel safe in a loving and caring home. As with all our foster pets, she has been altered, microchipped and is current on her shots. Please call her foster mom, Virginia at (623) 337-4336. ***ABOUT US AND OUR MISSION*** I started this non-profit animal rescue (501(c)(3)) in March of 2004 after working with several rescue/adoption groups over the last few years and being told that I could not pick up dogs off the street or that there were certain dogs that I could not rescue from the Animal Care and Control Center (The Pound) because of their breed. If an animal is on the street, it needs help now! Furthermore, I believe that all animals deserve a life and a good home regardless of breed. I've been told I'm everything from angry to undiplomatic. Angry? You're damn right I'm angry!! On an average, there is approximately two thousand animals euthanized (murdered) EVERY WEEK in Maricopa County alone. If this were 1942, the world would react. Yet, we can't even get the state to address this. This atrocity is nothing less than genocide. Undiplomatic? Diplomacy does not seem to be working. Oddly enough that's why I chose Robin Hood as the name for my animal rescue group. And that's why my motto is, 'We don't have a friar, but we give a tuck about everyone.' We here at Robin Hood Animal Rescue believe that dogs and cats are to be loved as you would a child. They are so much like children. And the unconditional love they have for us is beyond comparison. They are so much more than a watch dog, mouse catcher or a family pet to keep outside. If you believe the same as we do, please check out our wonderful fosters. Perhaps, that special one to fill your heart is with us waiting for you. ***SPONSOR/DONATION*** As of August 18, 2008, you can help our fosters by sponsoring through the Foundation. At the bottom of each one's story is a 'sponsor me' button. You may use that to sponsor a particular dog or cat or to sponsor all of them. We rescue first and foremost without regard to temperament, breed or size. There have been those rescued who have needed immediate medical attention. The time has come for us to put aside our pride and ask for financial assistance so that we can continue to rescue and take care of those who others would toss aside. We believe that there is someone special out where for each and every dog and cat. Its just a matter of finding that special someone. And sometimes that takes a while. And sometimes medical expenses surfaced for various reasons. For example, there is Lance, a handsome golden retriever mix whose nose had been almost completely torn off. We still trapped him and saw to having his nose taken care of. Lance, nose and all is in his forever home. And now there is Sassie, a beautiful grey colored pit girl whose eye was bloody when she was rescued out of an alley. We took her to the vet's and found out that her eye had been lacerated, and had to be removed. To us, Sassie is still a beautiful girl. We believe that someone else will also see that beauty in her. The monies received through the 'sponsor me' program will be used to help these wonderful souls, many who have been discarded as worthless. But we know better. They are of great worth. They truly are blessings for us. We all here at Robin Hood Animal Rescue thank you for also caring about these wonderful pets who deserve a loving family.