Brandi, Cat, Tortoiseshell

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Primary Breed: 
See Brandi's Homepage I’m a young girl and I am just a delight (if I do say so myself). And when you visit and ask for me, you’ll meet one of the prettiest girls here. I like to play with toys and until recently my favorite was the laser toy (I could chase that little red dot around for hours). But now we have one of these scratchy round toy things that has a ball in a track (did you ever see one of those?)…Anyway, that is my absolute favorite toy (for now at least). I could play with that toy for hours. Do you have toys in your home and do you like to play? If you do, we just might be a match! By the way, when I arrived at MHAA I tested positive for FIV. Fortunately there is nothing wrong with being FIV except that I should always be an indoor cat. Please come visit and learn more about adopting an FIV cat.