Valentine, Cat, Tabby

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Brown (Mostly)
My name is Valentine. I may be less than a year old, but I have had a lifetime of adventures and mishaps. I was an outside kitty being fed by kind people in Caldwell. Last January a young human boy shot me with a metal arrow through my left eye. By some miracle, it managed to miss most of my brain. I wandered around like that for at least a week. The person who had been feeding me noticed that I was missing, and I was in such pain that he wasn’t able to catch me for a while. Finally, when I was exhausted, he managed to get me. He had to cut the end off the arrow so that he could put me in the car. The pain from that just about did me in, but I’m so thankful that I held on. He took me straight to West Vet’s ER. I was pretty delirious by that point, but I was never aggressive even though I was in great pain. The talented people at West Vet took good care of me. I don’t remember any of it, of course, but apparently they operated for three hours. They did a great job. They even left me most of my left ear even though the ear canal was destroyed. So I’m not as lopsided as I could have been. A couple of days after surgery I went to Simply Cats for lots of bed-rest and love. In the interim, they found out that I am also FIV+. Who knew? Now that my stitches are out, I just love having my neck scratched. Sometimes it feels so good it even makes me drool. I love people so much. I get around just fine, but I don’t like it when people approach me from my blind side because I can’t see them coming. Hey, a girl can’t be too approachable. I will require a special home with dedicated, responsible cat-lovers who will always take care of me. As with all of the cats at Simply Cats, I will only be available for adoption to someone willing to keep me strictly indoors. Also, because I am FIV+, I must be an only cat, or only share a household with other cats who are FIV+.