Bobby, Cat, Tabby (short coat)

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Tabby (short coat)
Primary Breed: 
Brown Tabby
Coat Length: 
Bobby came in with his Momma and two siblings, Missy, Blake, and Megan. Neither he nor his family is 'wild' but we wonder if they have been around humans before arriving to us. So if you would like to give them a good home and let them know that human interaction is a good thing you won't regret it. Bobby was estimated to be about 4 mths old when he arrived Oct 7, 2008. He is much bigger than his two siblings and so probably will be a pretty large cat once he’s fully grown. He does enjoy being petted but doesn’t like much being picked up and carried. He doesn’t nip or anything but quickly wants down. So he probably wouldn’t be good for a family with small children. He also would probably do well as an outside cat as he is always alert as to things going on in the cat room. Some of the photos updated Dec 28, 2008 Bobby has been moved into a kennel with just his sister and he's much happier now that he's not as crowded. He has grown quite a bit since he's been with us and also more 'humanized'. He does like being petting but probably would prefer to be able to sit next to you or at your feet versus being carried around. He does also seems to want to be the 'dominate' male; he's never exhibited negative behavior but he was always the first to eat and the first to the front of the cage when he was with his siblings. So please be aware if you are looking at him if you have other older male cats; if you are interested in him and have a question as to his compatibility we can do a test with him with some of our other cats just ask. We just want to be able to place him in his forever home where he and his human family will be happy. He is a nice cat and would do well in a human family. If you live out of the North Arkansas area and are interested in adopting, please email for an application, this is the first step in the process. The adoption fee is $250 which covers vetting and transportation from Arkansas to the New England area. Please help save a cat-kitten's life!