Baby, Cat, Tabby - Brown / Tabby - Brown (short coat)

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Tabby - Brown / Tabby - Brown (short coat)
Primary Breed: 
Tabby - Brown
Secondary Breed: 
Tabby - Brown
Special Needs: 
Brown Tabby
Coat Length: 
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Please contact Jihn & KIm (, (516) 729-5545 for more information about this pet. COULD ANYONE HELP THIS LONELY GUY? IF NOT INSIDE MAYBE AS A BARN CAT..SOMEWHERE SAFE..HE'S POSTED ON '' HIS STORY IS BELOW:Do you know anyone that would want to help out a very shy/sweet tabby named 'BABY'? I named him Baby because as soon as I pull up to feed in the morning, he starts crying....... He is neutered and has tested negative. He has been at my colony in Rosedale for a few years now. The people who's property he has been living on have a junk yard on the side of their property where there is all these broken down cars. He has been living in these cars, as they had broken windows and doors. I had found a home for his best friend this summer and now he is all alone and very sad! The man let me feed on his property, but now I was told I can't as the neighbors called the Sanitation Dept and he was fined for having such a messy yard. I now feed in the dead end outside of his property where anyone can damage the feeding station. He also has taken away all the cars that had open access for shelter. This tabby only knows this mans property and never leaves it. He is able to hide there and it is fenced in so no one can bother him. The man will not let me put a shelter on his property because he is afraid of the neighbor complaining again and possibly getting fined. As for all the other cats they are pretty feral and go somewhere else for shelter as I always see they coming from down the block to come and eat when I put out the food. Now, I am really worried about this guy...he is to afraid to leave the property to find shelter this winter and he will probably freeze to death! Can someone offer this baby a safe haven? Please help us.....Kimberly516-729-5545