Mr. Sketch, Cat, Maine Coon / Norwegian Forest Cat / Mixed (medium coat)

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Maine Coon / Norwegian Forest Cat / Mixed (medium coat)
Primary Breed: 
Maine Coon
Secondary Breed: 
Norwegian Forest Cat
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Mr. Sketch is a people person (er, I mean people cat). He adores people and is likely to greet you at the door after you're long day at work. He can be a lap-cat when he's in the mood, and is a catnip addict. Mr. Sketch has been happily living life to it's fullest as a single man. But he discovered he was missing so much in life by remaining single. So this boy is looking to give up his bachelor pad to settle down with a nice family. And he's being darn bossy about it, too (he is a bossy fellow and will whack you on the ankle when you do something he doesn't like). Mr. Sketch is full of character and life and knows how to make you feel like you're the center of the universe. Mr. Sketch is FIV positive, and is part of our FIV Goodwill Ambassadors Club. Mr Sketch arrived at our shelter in January 2006. At that time, he was diagnosed with Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV). This virus is similar to human HIV and cats who have it can live a normal life for years. Sometimes, cats with FIV will eventually become ill from infections or cancer related to the viral infection, but it is impossible to predict when/if this will happen.Cats with FIV should not be allowed outside but may be housed with other FIV positive cats or friendly FIV-negative cats with whom they get along. They should not be housed with any FIV-negative cats if they fight due to the risk of viral transmission. In general, this virus is very difficult to transmit and cannot be transmitted casually- fighting or mating must occur.Cats with FIV should be brought to the veterinarian twice per year for wellness exams and should have basic bloodwork to evaluate their systemic health at least once per year.Mr. Sketch has been in our shelter for a long time because he has several other medical issues. In the spring of 2007 he experienced several episodes of collapse. He received a full medical workup including xrays and ultrasound of his chest/abdomen as well as bloodwork, urine testing, ECG, and online consultation with cardiology and neurology specialists. We were unable to find any physical cause of his collapse- it may have been due to stress or to a mild condition that cannot be diagnosed with the above tests. He has not had any known episodes of collapse for at least one year, and we cannot predict whether this will recur.Mr. Sketch also has had several flare ups of conjunctivitis thought to be due to a common upper respiratory virus that virtually all cats carry. These flare ups are usually related to stress and respond to supportive treatment with eye ointment. He also has occasional ear infections in his right ear that can be treated with topical ear medication. He recently had a benign fatty tumor removed from his left rear leg and had a tooth removed due to chronic dental disease. He had a full dental cleaning in December 2008, and at this time does not have any significant dental disease or known growths/ tumors.Last, Mr. Sketch has been diagnosed with urinary crystals (incidental finding during routine labwork). This is common in cats and usually does not cause a problem, but occasionally cats with urinary crystals may develop urinary blockage, bladder stones, or bladder irritation. Feeding snacks of canned food with added water (gruel consistency) can help dilute the urine and prevent crystal formation. Mr. Sketch should always be monitored closely for straining in the litterbox, bloody urine, or urinating outside the litterbox and brought to the vet if this occurs. We have never noticed any of these symptoms here.Despite Mr. Sketch's medical history, at this time he does not have any medical problems that are painful or require ongoing treatment. He is a wonderful gentleman with plenty of personality and he will make a great pet. Please ask the hospital if you have any questions about Mr. Sketch's health.