Lydia, Cat, Domestic Short Hair

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Domestic Short Hair
Primary Breed: 
Domestic Short Hair
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This is what the foster mother has to say about her: Lydia has had a really rough go of it. Her life here began in a cat carrier left outside the door of Petco. All we had of her history was a note left on the carrier, “Stray friendly cat found on side of road. Very thin. Needs food water and loving home”. Very thin is not the way I would have described her. She was literally skin and fur stretched over bones. She was taken to the vet first thing Monday morning. She was tested for worms, Feline Leukemia, and FIV (Feline Aids) and came up negative for everything. She was only 4 1/2 pounds and that was after 3 days of eating good food. This was not a case of a feral or outside cat that was found somewhere. This was a result of starvation. We are guessing that her owner was no longer able to keep their home/apt any longer. They locked the door and walked away thinking that someone would come along and find her. While this did happen, it very well could have gone a different direction. She also may not have lasted much longer as she was already down to almost nothing. She also will not defend herself at all. We were not able to do any vaccinations at that time as she was too thin. She has a very striking face and will be a beautiful girl once she is at a healthy weight. She’s very friendly with people, but is really not having it with other animals. She also hasn’t adjusted to being in a new home. She lets me know that she's not happy here yet by walking around and crying. It breaks my heart as with many of my fosters because there’s not really a way to help them with that transition. They can’t tell me what they need, just that they are not happy. She really doesn’t want any of her housemates to get to close to her, especially the cats. She will allow the dogs to get closer, but not too close. She’s still trying to settle in and get comfy. She has so much to offer, but I don’t think she realizes it. She needs a home where she will be embraced and can learn that she will never go hungry or have to live through that again. This has been an experience she won’t be able to put behind her for some time. Her adoption fee is $100.00 If you're interested in adopting her, please go to and fill out our online application.