Clarabel, Cat, Domestic Short Hair / Tabby (short coat)

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Domestic Short Hair / Tabby (short coat)
Primary Breed: 
Domestic Short Hair
Secondary Breed: 
House Trained: 
Special Needs: 
Vaccinations Up to Date: 
Gray, Blue or Silver Tabby
Coat Length: 
My story started 12 years ago where I was a loved house cat. I had a mommy who would let me sit with her on the couch every night before bed and had an amazing window where I could lay and soak up the morning sun. Then mommy brought a baby home and my world started to change. Everything mostly stayed the same for a few years but then all of a sudden my mommy left me alone in the basement all the time. She would tell me 'I'm sorry' when she brought fresh food down but I still didn't understand. I heard my family talking one day and mommy said she had to banish me to the basement because of the babies allergies. That made me very sad and I spent most of my time laying by the basement door hoping to escape. After many months I started being really thirsty and in turn started having to 'pee' a lot too. It took a while for my mommy to notice but she finally took me to the doctors. While we were at the doctors I heard my mommy talking about something called euthanasia, I wasn't sure if that was a new country we were moving to or something. Then the doctor drew blood from me and my mommy took me back home to the basement. A few days later she took me back to the doctors where mommy said euthanasia was the only option. I wasn't sure what that meant until she rephrased it and said I should be put to sleep because the bloodwork said I was diabetic. The nice doctor offered to have me signed over to the hospital and my mommy thankfully agreed. The first few weeks of living at the hospital were weird. The nice ladies would constantly be sticking me with needles for what they called glucose curves. Now I only get a really tiny needle in the morning and at night of something they call insulin. I don't know much about insulin but it sure makes me feel better. Life at the hospital is better than the dark basement but it still isn't what I was used to. I live in a pretty small cage here and don't get to roam around and stretch my legs. I've been living at the hospital since January of 2009, waiting for a new mommy or daddy to take me home. The nice ladies here say I can be grumpy at times. I tried to tell them I do not like my feet touched and get very scared when people startle me. The doctor explained that besides my diabetes I do have cataracts in both eyes. Now I know why I can't see as well as I used to. I get around quite well but when people come at me too fast I get scared because I can't see them at first. Once I know who is trying to touch me I'm okay and start purring. I really love to sit on laps and enjoy the peace and quiet. I have never lived with other cats or dogs before and I'm not so sure about sharing my mommy or daddy with anyone else. The girls at the hospital think I would adjust well if introduced properly. I know I'm getting old but I really would just like to go back to when I used to be a loved house cat. I really just want a lap to lay on, a window sill to sit in, a house to explore, a bed to sleep in, and most of all a mommy or daddy who loves me. Clarabel is up to date on all her vaccinations. She has tested negative for both FeLV and FIV. Except for Diabetes, all other bloodwork is normal and her fecal sample is negative for intestinal parasites. She is protected against fleas, heartworms and intestinal parasites via Advantage Multi monthly. Longwood Veterinary Center will soon be doing a routine dental cleaning and take care of any problem teeth if needed. She was spayed and front declawed as a kitten.. Would you like to fill out an Adoption Application? Adoption Application