ANNIE, Cat, Domestic Short Hair (medium coat)

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Domestic Short Hair (medium coat)
Primary Breed: 
Domestic Short Hair
White (Mostly)
Coat Length: 
- Do you like to give chin scratches? - Do you like to rub bellies? - Do you like to kill toy mice? Or at least to watch?If you answered yes to these questions, then Annie could be the cat for you. Annie spent time in a foster home with us, so we know her personality quite well! Please read on to find out moreÂ…I recently had the pleasure of fostering Annie in my home for a few days. At first, Annie was very scared and did not like the fact that my two cats were on the other side of the bedroom door. So she hid under the bed, where she felt safe. Then, gradually, Annie showed her real personality: a loving, playful cat who enjoys the company of people. On the 2nd day in my house, Annie began to hang out on the bed and started to ask for chin scratches. She does this by lifting up her chin when you pet her. (Tip: Aim for the spot of black fur there!)The real breakthrough came the next day. Every time I went into her room, Annie purred loudly. Now, in addition to chin scratches, she was rolling over on her back - a sign of trust - asking for belly rubs/scratches. She began to jump off the bed to follow me around and rubbed up against my legs when I sat down. She would often start to play on her own with the toy mouse I''d given her. Also, Annie we perfect with her litter box habits and was very quiet. At first glance, Annie''s true personality may not be apparent here in the shelter. That''s because she''s been through a lot recently. I''m sure she was confused and saddened to loose her home through no fault of her own. And since Annie appears not to like other cats, she''s not crazy about the other residents in the shelter. But in a quiet, loving home where she can be the queen, Annie will blossom!I hope you consider giving Annie the forever home she so deserves!