Champ, Cat, Domestic Short Hair - gray and white

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Domestic Short Hair - gray and white
Primary Breed: 
Domestic Short Hair - gray and white
See Champ's Homepage You may not know it from my rugged looks, but I’m a real sweet guy and I love being a “lap cat.” But that was not always the case. I was found living on the street and I was one tough dude. If you know anything about living on the street, you’d understand why…it’s a “dog eat dog” world out there, of should I say “cat eat cat world!” Anyway, I was fortunately brought to the MHAA where I received not only good food and a warm, soft bed, but lots of TLC and love from the staff and volunteers. Now I’m ready for some one-on-one care…how’s your home? Would you like to invite a former “toughie” into your home? Come on over and ask to meet Champ. By the way, when I arrived at MHAA I tested positive for FIV. Fortunately there is nothing wrong with being FIV except that I should always be an indoor cat. Please come visit and learn more about adopting an FIV cat.