Morgan, Cat, Domestic Short Hair - gray and white / Tabby / Mixed (short coat)

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Domestic Short Hair - gray and white / Tabby / Mixed (short coat)
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Domestic Short Hair - gray and white
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See Morgan SOON at the Rogers' Petco Adoption Center during store hours. Morgan is approximately 6 months old in these pictures taken in December 2008. From Morgan’s foster mom: Miss Morgan came to live with us around the middle of September. She was approximately 8 weeks old then. She lived outside about a week before this where she had wondered on some very nice lady's property that was kind enough to feed her. The lady had a porch that Morgan was able to crawl underneath to be protected from the elements. Her rescuer was not able to keep her for she had cancer and a few other reasons. Where Miss Morgan was or came from before this is a mystery. Morgan came to our house where I have two young gentlemen (10 &13) who love animals and a 14 yr old rat terrier that would rather not play with Miss Morgan. My youngest named her after Morgan Le Faye, King Arthur's sister, because he loves the medieval time period. Miss Morgan is the queen you can just ask her. There have been times when she sits that she looks like the pharaoh’s cat. Morgan has grown big, strong, and very healthy. She has so much personality. She is not big on the cat toys or cat sleeping/play areas, and prefers to find her own place to play, hide her favorite finds, and sleep. Morgan plays with tennis balls, old socks tied in a knot (tug o war, or wrestle mania with herself and the sock, quite fun to watch, or plays chase and catches it with someone), and she loves the kids little rubber bouncy balls, and their nerf darts (she doesn't destroy them, I kept them away from her for a long time, I lost this battle, she keeps finding them and now she has a stash hidden) these are her favorite toys. Morgan is more on the independent side. She is not allowed on tables or counters and knows this. She will perch herself on the couch and lean around and watch to see what I'm cooking, while she does this she is very polite. Morgan does not beg or even try to reach out with a paw. If you eat while you are sitting on the couch she may come see what you have, but again she will sit very politely near you (not on you) to see what you have. She does not drink out of glasses. She leaves the fish alone, though they may catch her attention once in awhile, tell her 'Morgan, No' (sometimes I may clap my hands) and she will get down and leave them alone. When the house is quite she will curl up next to and cuddle with someone even our dog. Her routine currently is wake mom up somewhere between 4-5 a.m. for cuddles and pets and then playtime which consists of hunting & pouncing on mom’s hands and feet for they are under the covers and pillows. We also do this before we fall asleep for the night. Morgan has strong hunting instincts. Then she finds out who has left their bedroom door ajar and sleeps with them. This is usually my youngest that our dog sleeps with too. She is an inside cat except once in awhile like checkin' out that white fluffy stuff on the ground. It is strictly supervised and less than five minutes with collar and leash. Morgan has the run of the house full time. I only crate her when everyone is gone for more than an hour or two and that is only to keep my pouch from eating her food. Morgan eats his good too and drinks from his water dish as well, so he thinks it is only fair. She is not big on playing in/with water as our last kittens were. Miss Morgan is a lovely young well behaved kitten and would make someone I believe very happy.