SVARTOLF, Cat, Domestic Short Hair-black / Mixed

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Domestic Short Hair-black / Mixed
Primary Breed: 
Domestic Short Hair - black
House Trained: 
Vaccinations Up to Date: 
SVARTOLF (comments from his foster mom) Here’s the black kitty with the funny name. He’s very laid back and gets along with all the kitties. He’s a bit shy around strangers He’s solid black with about 27 white hairs on his back. Missing teeth on left (his right) side of mouth. Taps me to keep petting him when I stop. Curls up on my back if I sleep on my stomach. Tolerates the dog. Likes other cats. Loves the turboscratcher thingy with the ball rolling on the outer edge and corrugated scratch board in the center. ***Several months ago Grateful Paws helped a woman as she was being foreclosed on. She is a former Vet Tech and cat rescue person who is also recovering from lung cancer and needed help placing her 12 very well cared for cats before she got evicted. We took them all to our Vet, had them examined, tested and vaccinated. All were healthy, all tested negative to Feline Leuk and Aids. All are very well adjusted and loving, and in their lives, these rescued cats have been very well cared for. Off hand, I don’t have the ages, but they range between 2 – 6 years old and all have been spayed or neutered. All have lived in a home and are loving and well adjusted. Their former mom is now in a new place but is only allowed 2 cats. She took the hardest to place cats with her. Now, we have mom’s permission to try to find new homes for the remaining cats. She would love to hear from their adoptive parents as to how her cats are faring once they get into their new homes. To learn more about their peronalities or to arrange to meet one or more: Email the foster mom: For an application to adopt: 954-462-8840 We are an all volunteer not -for- profit rescue organization - and we all work full time jobs! So, phone calls are returned weekdays AFTER work, generally between 8pm - 10pm. So when you leave a phone #, please leave a daytime and evening number and/or email. Our rescued cat ans kittens are all thoroughly vetted; spay or neutered, brought current on shots, tested for Feline Aids & Leukemia, and given the good health stamp of approval. Since we don't have a shelter, they all live in our own homes, so they come to you a bit more socialized than if they came to you straight from a kennel invironment. The adoption fee is a donation to this rescue group, and allows us to continue rescuing and providing vet care for other animals in need.