Banfield, Cat, Domestic Medium Hair - black (medium coat)

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Domestic Medium Hair - black (medium coat)
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Domestic Medium Hair - black
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Banfield is a spayed female semi-Angora with all black fur. She is approximately 5 years old. Here’s what Banfield told us: “I was abandoned in a cat carrier-inside a vet hospital! My ‘owner’ brought me in, put me on the floor and walked out! Surprise! I was not a happy camper about this! I thought she was coming back for me. Nope. I waited and waited, all with the clinic staff, and I never saw her again. Being that I’m a little feisty to begin with, and adding the fact that I was just left behind by someone who I thought loved me-well-let’s just say-I didn’t show well at the clinic! I eventually ended up at the Animal Shelter! Not fun for a cat with my personality. My cage and carrier was about the only ‘my space’ that I had. No peace and quiet, and, well, I wasn’t exactly loving. I chose the hiss over the purr. Didn’t work though, and eventually, I had to settle down and settle in. I had to dig deep for a better attitude, and find a new family. Eventually, I was able to run around in the cat room. Well, run around wouldn’t quite describe it- I had been watching a prime spot from my cage. I knew that I could take over when I was out. So, 20 seconds of freedom, and I had the spot on the top of the dish storage cage. All requests for clean dishes for private dining now went through me. Life is good! Anyway, that’s just a bit of info on my personality. I’m kind of persnickety, and grumpy at times. I want attention when I want it (which is not really too often). I guess I just want a home and family who wants a cat that won’t be demanding all the time. I think I look great on the back of the couch! My shiny black coat could gleam even more with my new family! Anyway, I’m the perfect one cat family cat- I will tolerate no new siblings! I could do without kids also. But I’d would love a nice sun room!”