SADIE, Cat, Calico / Domestic Medium Hair (medium coat)

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Calico / Domestic Medium Hair (medium coat)
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Domestic Medium Hair
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Please contact True Treasures ( for more information about this pet. No animal is disposable, all are truly treasures! Sadie is around 4-5 years old. She is a sweet little kitty whose goal in life is to sit curled up on your lab purring. She loves to be cuddled and brushed and will happily lay for hours with you while you read, watch TV or just vege. Sadie does not seem to know how to play -- either that or we haven't managed to find the perfect toy for her yet. She has been spayed and is current on all her vaccines. Sadie does have some food sensitivities and eats prescripion food, IVD green pea and duck. Sadie has a sad little story -- after being loved and taken care of her people decided they were not going to keep her litter box clean...I don't know if they were mad at each other or were just too busy. Poor little Sadie didn't know what to do but after a few days her litter box was so dirty there just wasn't anyplace to go potty so she started going potty on the floor....really now, think about it -- who wants to go potty in a toilet that hasn't been flushed for a week? Eww..gross! Rather than take care of her and give her a clean potty, her people took her to the vet to be put to sleep. Fortunately, Sadie's vet knew what a great little lady she is and found a rescue who could take her and try to get her a new home with loving people. So, before you ask, YES - Sadie uses her litter box just great! No accidents, nothing. We make sure to scoop her litter box at least twice a day to make sure it stays nice for her...and she shows how much she likes this by always using it to do her business. Sadie does not 'bury' in the litter box - this is usually a sign of a kitty who was separated from it's mamma too soon when it was a baby. We don't mind her not burying as it also means she doesn't throw litter all over the place! Are you looking for a special cuddle-bug like Sadie? Adoption Fee: $65.00Adoption Application required and screenedAdoption Contract required for all adoptionsAll animals are spayed/neutered, have age appropriate vaccinations, and have received any necessary vet care. Treasures come from high-kill shelters/pounds, feral cat colonies, and high-risk situations (working known rescue groups only). WE DO NOT ACCEPT OWNER SURRENDERED PETS NOR ARE WE ACCEPTING ANY ANIMALS AT THIS TIME.