Ditto, Cat, Bombay / American Shorthair / Mixed (short coat)

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Bombay / American Shorthair / Mixed (short coat)
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American Shorthair
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Please contact True Treasures (truetreasuresrescue@yahoo.com) for more information about this pet. No animal is disposable, all are truly treasures! Born apx June 2006Indoor OnlyDitto is a beautiful black girl with gold eyes. She has white markings on her chest. She has a small voice and sings for her dinner every day. She loves to play with toys and chase the laser beam. Ditto would not be good with small children as she will scratch if handled roughly or restrained improperly. She will be a great addition for the right home. She'd like her mom to tell you how she came to be a 'treasure'.... Copy-Cat and Ditto’s Story I’d like to tell you my story if you have a few minutes… August 24th, 2006, I was out very late, or very early depending on how you look at it. I had my little girl with me and was looking for food. We hadn’t had much luck and were pretty hungry so we went to different places than we normally do. I went to this one house and looked in…….. There were cats gathered around this human and she was talking to them and petting them. The most amazing thing though was that she was GIVING them food – just GIVING it to them, they didn’t have to DO anything! I couldn’t believe it so I went to get my daughter from where she was hiding in the bushes. We both looked in at this miraculous thing and the human saw us! The human came out, talked gentle to my baby, then picked her up, carried her into the house and shut the door. I was sure I’d never see my little girl again but then the lady came back out and took me in too. I’ll admit I was scared. We were both put in a big cage together; there are a lot of strange smells and sounds, but we’ve got all the food to eat we want and haven’t been hungry, wet or cold since that day. More surprising inside this human’s house – I saw my mother! I hadn’t seen her since I was my daughter’s age and mom just disappeared one day. From what mom says she was trapped before she had her babies. I wish I’d been that lucky. You probably wonder why getting trapped would be lucky for my mother…but think about it. All four of her babies are alive. Her babies have never known what it’s like to be hungry, cold or alone. They didn’t have to watch their brothers die one by one from hunger and accidents. Not only that, but SHE had enough to eat and drink so she had plenty of milk to feed all of her babies. She didn’t have to leave them when their eyes weren’t even open yet to try to find food. Like I said, all four of her babies are alive and well while only my only living baby is my daughter. Well, my daughter and I are doing fine now. The lady is going to take care of us until she can find us a home. I’m praying there is a person out there who give a good home to my little girl or to me. The lady is calling me Copy-Cat since my mom (Mystery) and I look exactly alike. She’s named my daughter Ditto since she looks just like me! Adoption Fee: $65.00Adoption Application required and screenedAdoption Contract required for all adoptionsAll animals are spayed/neutered, have age appropriate vaccinations, and have received any necessary vet care. Treasures come from high-kill shelters/pounds, feral cat colonies, and high-risk situations (working known rescue groups only). WE DO NOT ACCEPT OWNER SURRENDERED PETS NOR ARE WE ACCEPTING ANY ANIMALS AT THIS TIME.