Matty, Bird, Parrot Other

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Parrot Other
Primary Breed: 
Parrot Other
Special Needs: 
Matty is a 20 year old Jardine's Parrot. He's a very sweet bird. He steps up nicely and loves to be cuddled. Jardine's are very cool birds. They're in the same family as Senegals and Meyer's Parrots, and they're also similar to African Greys. They're very smart birds who are usually good talkers and love to entertain. Like any bird, Matty can get a bit beaky, but he almost always lets you know first. He can also get a little noisy, but that's just Matty being Matty. His sweet personality more than makes up for it! All Matty wants is a chance at a forever home, and he'll repay you every single day he's part of your life!