I have a "domestic shorthair" I guess you could say. I got her from the pound because she was abandoned at a very very young age. She's about a year old and she's... just weird. I love her to death but she's almost bipolar. She's definitely not a lapcat and that's fine but she'll sleep on the bed with me and sit on the couch and then there are times when she'll crawl under the bed or run away from everyone. And then there are times when she's biting everyone and stalking everything in sight. She's a hunter, there's no doubt about that. If it moves, she'll kill it. She's very large for her age. Her head is very small for her body, and she doesn't seem to like the fact that she has a tail... it's either sticking straight up or between her legs and she'll chase it into submission often (chewing at it frequently). She's got tabby markings and some leopard spots on her sides, mostly grey. I don't have a problem with her temperment, though my roommate does, as she's too smart for her own good. She'll open cabinets to get out food and eat it in the living room. She's almost figured out the doorknobs. I was wondering if she could be some kind of wild cat cross (her litterbox smells like a public bathroom ewww). That wouldn't surprise me in the least. I grew up on a farm and had cats all my life, mostly strays and adoptions, but none as smart or as peculiar as she is. What IS she?