I have an 11yr old Jack Russell. She has just recently starting to have seizures. We have been to the vet who has not indicated epilespy and discouraged neurological exam due age. We have been also told that she may have parasites in her brain that are difficult to remove. Our dog's seizures start with nose tremors, drools, shakes and last less than a minute. She has had 4 about 3hours apart. Then none for a few weeks. She DOES NOT urinate or deficate during seizures. Since the episodes she has walks around in circles, favoring one side--the left . She bumps into things and seem to loose balance when she focuses on something. She does not seem to react to things as she use to. Not excited when we arrive home. Interestingly, she hasn't barked since the seizures, and when in situations upsetting to her she manages to make a weak howl but not bark. To compound to her situation, she has been diagnosed with degeration in her left eye and cataracts in the right. Could the eye lens issue and focusing cause the loss of balance? We have been treating her for vertigo, parasites and seizures homeopathically with help of our holistic vet.