i have this wild cat that i have been taking care of i have built it a house i feed it love it well about a month ago the cat got attacked in the middle of the night and hurt his back leg well i have been watching it trieng to put some medicine on it but have better days than others getting it on the wound well he has been chewing his foot terribly lately and today i found his foot in the yard it is bleeding but not terribly he eats gets around and everything he even purrs well my question is will the cat survive this kind of wound since he has made it this far i canot take him to a vet he is a wild cat i can hold him and pet him but cannot walk around with him can yu please give me some advice on how i can help the cat i would like to keep it alive he is a good cat i was also wandering can i like knock him out with something so that i could take care of his foot i am willing to do what needs to be done