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I have a 12 yr old tabby cat has been coughing for at least 6 months off and on but is otherwise in good health. When he coughs he sounds like he has bronchitis or the croup. He's eating and drinking fine, but lays around most of the time.


Coughing in a cat is not normal.  Although people can occasionally cough to clear their throats or from a chest cold, cats should not.  Coughing in a cat is a sign of either feline asthma

Can a cat be spayed while in heat?


A cat can be spayed while in heat- it is just a bit more difficult due to an increase in blood supply to the area.  This can make it a bit less safe, but certainly doable. 

I have a 3year old male cat with an enlarged heart who is not fixed. I would like to have him fixed for he is peeing all over and attacked our other male cat. Can this be done with his heart condition?


Fortunately, neutering a cat only takes a few minutes. Even cats with heart disease can usually withstand the small amounts of anesthetic necessary for the procedure.

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Is tylenol safe to give to dogs?


NO!  Tylenol can be extremely poisonous to your pets.  There are safe levels, but I would not advise using it in a dog or cat, ever.