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We have a 1 yr old rot/lab mix that is very active and playful. Just tonight she vomitied up her last feeding which we noticed there were worms in the vomit, what is this? I though worms were in the stool?


Several types of worms can show up in vomitus of dogs. They are usually roundworms and can be seen in vomit and in stool-- so you know the next important step to take, right?

I have a Shoo-Poo. She is almost a year old, weighs 10 pounds. She has been vomiting about once a day for a couple days. Other than this she seems fine, she plays and acts normal. Should I take her to the vet just to be on the safe side? Thank you.


I certainly recommend that you take her to the vet -- just as if we were to vomit once a day, every day, we would certainly be seeking help-- it is not normal and should be addressed.

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My dog has a fetish for eating feces! Does she have some kind of vitamin/mineral deficiency? Is there anything I can give her to stop her from doing it?


Believe it or not, that is one of the most commonly asked questions. Please view the archives for the answer!

I have a kitten that was born in July of this year just wondering if i could have him fixed now or does he have to be 9 months to a year?


Kittens are being spayed and neutered safely at VERY early ages now.  It has been proven to be very safe and to have no adverse effects later in life.