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My dog has diarrhea. Should I be worried?


Juan, if your dog has only one episode of diarrhea, I would not worry too
much. If it is constant or very frequent, you should seek your vet's advice,

I am doing a science project for a school and I need a vet to interview. I am wanting to know if you would be willing to offer your help?


I would be happy to help you! Send me your email in the text of the message and I will contact you!  Happy New Year!

My dog is vomiting. The vomit is yellow with tiny red spots in it. What could this be? His stomach has been turning all day long, but he has vomited 3-4 times in the past 4 hours. now he is hiding under the bed.


I can imaging how you feel.  It is very scary to experience your dog ill like that.  The yellow in the vomit is likely bile from the stomach (when the stomach is empty, bile can buil

I’m having some problems with my dog he is black Lab Mix. He keeps licking and biting his paws especially around the nail beds (there are no visible deformities or growths, but the skin between the toes will sometimes become swollen and a oily to puss like discharge) and also seems to be scratching his muzzle excessively causing some light bald spots, here is a little history on him; 04/08 took him to the Vet for the above; they did a scraping from between his toes and muzzle. The Vet said that it showed that he had some kind of hair follicle mite and suggested 6 monthly treatments of Promeris for dogs. Though he disliked having it applied more and more (it seemed like it really irritated him for a few hours after application) he stopped scratching his muzzle (hair grew back), stopped biting his paws and the licking decreased a lot. 11/08 The biting, licking and scratching returned with a vengeance, we went back to the Vet (different Vet same office) and told him what was going on. He didn’t seem to be too concerned because his paws did not look to bad, actually looking back it seemed like he didn’t examine them too closely but took a scraping from the top of his paw and said that it showed no mites like before. He suggested that it might be some type of food allergy (he was on a low grain food diet for over a year) and suggested a grain free food also to use Benadryl 50mg & Cephalexin 500mg if the paws looked like they were getting infected. We have changed his diet to grain free dry food and sweet potato & fish can food 6 weeks ago but there has been no improvement. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated and or do you think I should push to have the Vet do another scraping this time between the toes or around the nail beds, thanks Mitch


Mitch, first of all, thank you for the detailed information. That is extremely helpful and allows me to help you so much better!

Can you give a puppy cranberry juice for bladder infection?


Cranberries, and particularly cranberry juice, have been used for decades as a means of preventing or treating urinary tract infections in people.

What should I know about Cushing's Disease in dogs.? Our vet thinks our dog has it.


OK, you asked for it! A loaded question gets a very loaded answer! This should help.

Why is my cat losing weight and always hungry?


Great questions.  It would help me answer your question if I knew your cat's age, breed, etc...