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On Friday the 13th - Its important to know...


How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You!!!!

Do Our Pets Love Us?


 I came across this interesting article which answers the age old question:  How do our pets really feel about us?

The Iditarod Is On


It doesn't get much coverage on SportsCenter till the end, but the Iditarod is currently in Day 6 up in Alaska.  Described on the their website:

PetStyle Offers Our Condolences to Martha Stewart


The PetStyle team wishes to offer our condolences to Martha Stewart, the other pet owners and the kennel caretakers for the devastating loss of 17 puppies 

Welcome To the New PetStyle Blog


 The PetStyle family is proud to annouce that we have added this brand new blog  to our content offering.

Would you give up your pet if you were having money problems?


Brian Austin Green


See actor's animal pack!

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When using Revolution, is it alright to also use Frontline Plus for ticks?


Yes, you can use Frontline and Revolution together. Frontline is pretty good with both fleas and ticks and fairly water repellent.