PetStyle Takes Lead in Providing Resource for Families Facing Foreclosure Crisis in America - Aventura, FL - September 23, 2008

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AVENTURA, FL-- September 23, 2008 - In light of the current mortgage crisis, it's projected that even more families will face the possibility of foreclosure. According to the Mortgage Bankers Association, 250,000 new families are entering into foreclosure every three months. Many of these families impacted by the possibility of foreclosure have dogs and/or cats and may be forced to rent in apartment complexes or homes that do not allow pets.
In response, PetStyle has created an online information and resource center for people who are facing the possibility of foreclosure and faced with making decisions about what to do with their cats or dogs. Additionally, people who want to assist those in need by providing dog or cat foster homes and adoptions can do so through PetStyle's active online community.
Located at, dog and cat owners are encouraged to take advantage of all the tips, checklists and other valuable information available to make sure their pets are taken care of in the event they are in jeopardy of or are about to lose their homes.
The PetStyle Resource Center includes:
-- Valuable tips, tools, and articles to make the foreclosure transition easier -- either keeping your pet or in the worse case you must surrender your pet.
-- HSUS Foreclosure Fund information and a link to a donation form.
-- Special message board setup at to lend a helping hand to those in need.
-- Printable fact sheet.
"These are very difficult financial times and we realize that too many people who are faced with foreclosure and other financial challenges have very few options and resources available to determine what to do with their cats or dogs," said PetStyle Vet Expert Diane Levitan, VMD. "Any dog or cat owner who is faced with the loss of a home because they can no longer make the mortgage payments and may be forced to move into housing that is not pet friendly now have a place to find valuable pet information that may help them keep a beloved and valued member of the family."
No stranger to compassion for animals Dr. Levitan, a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine, has received worldwide recognition as founder of the Center for Specialized Veterinary Care and Compassionate Care Center, the world's first veterinary referral hospital to allow human owners to stay with their pets overnight. She also spent a week in New Orleans after Katrina as a veterinarian in recovery efforts.
"The establishment of this critical resource is in keeping with PetStyle's mission to provide dog and cat lovers the most comprehensive information available," added Dr. Levitan. "If a dog or cat owner has any questions about what to do when facing foreclosure we urge them to visit We also urge those more fortunate to go the center to determine if they can provide some of the options available to assist those in need."
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Editor's note: Dr. Levitan is available for in-depth interviews. Please use above contact information for further details.
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