PetStyle Establishes One-Stop Natural Disaster Prepardness Resource For Dog and Cat Owners - Aventura, FL - September 5, 2008

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AVENTURA, FL - September 5, 2008 -- With two tropical storms and one hurricane raging toward the East Coast and other unknown points, PetStyle today announced it has established the most comprehensive, one-stop resource for what to do with your dog or cat when a natural disaster strikes.

Located at, dog and cat owners are encouraged to take advantage of all the tips, checklists and other valuable information available to make sure their pets are safe and sound in the event of a natural disaster.

PetStyle's Emergency Center includes a natural disaster check list, resource of links for traveling with dogs or cats, links to pet friendly accommodations, area vets and animal hospitals, links to the Humane Society and a "furry friend" fact sheet. The site is interactive and offers a call to action with stories from people undergoing evacuations with pets, and much more.

An upcoming podcast on traveling with your pets and stress management will be announced shortly.

"This one-stop site is an invaluable resource for any dog or cat owner who is threatened with an impending natural disaster," said PetStyle vet expert Diane Levitan, VMD. "We want to insure that every dog and cat is safe and secure in the event of a hurricane, flood, earthquake, tornado or any other natural disaster. This is particularly timely with Hanna, Ike and Josephine bearing down on the east coast.

"During Hurricane Katrina pet owners were forced to leave their pets behind as evacuation plans didn't include pets," added Dr. Levitan. "In some cases many people risked their lives to stay with their pets. The government believes that seriously contributed to the death toll of that storm and quickly passed a law to make evacuation plans for pets as well as service animals."

No stranger to compassion for animals Dr. Levitan, a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine, has received worldwide recognition as founder of the Center for Specialized Veterinary Care and Compassionate Care Center, the world's first veterinary referral hospital to allow human owners to stay with their pets overnight. She also spent a week in New Orleans after Katrina as a veterinarian in recovery efforts after Katrina.

"The establishment of this one-stop, emergency preparedness site is in keeping with PetStyle's mission to provide dog and cat owners the most comprehensive information available," added Dr. Levitan. "If a dog or cat owner has any questions about what to do during an impending crisis, we urge them to go to"

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Editor's note: Dr. Levitan is available for in-depth interviews. Please use above contact information for further details.

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