Are You and Your Pet Facing Foreclosure?

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Did You Know...

That in many cases abandoned pets are considered personal property under the law and as such they may pass away without food or water due to certain court restrictions on personal property.  Contact your local authorities for assistance to prevent any unnecessary death.

Laws vary state to state and personal property laws have required timelines before a bank can take possesion.

I Want To Keep My Pet
Here are a few tips to helping you keep your furry family member!

  • Try to locate pet friendly housing.
  • Look into temporarily hiring a Pet Sitter.
  • Investigate placing your pet with a local pet foster home
  • Ask family or friends to take in Fido or Sassy for a little while.
  • Fill out a PetStyle Furry Family Fact Sheet to share with others.
  • Don't forget to pack their bags.
  • Update any ID systems (tags, collars, microchips, etc)

I Have To Let My Pet Go
We understand the unbearable decision you must make if you have to let your pet go.  Here are a couple of things that can help make the transition a bit easier.

  • Try our tips to keep your pet first.
  • Contact your local shelter or rescue group the moment you THINK you may have to give up your pet. This will give them a heads up and you an opportunity to ask any questions early.
  • Gather all medical documentation and list any known medical or behavioral issues. Use ourPetStyle Furry Family Fact Sheet to help. This simple step can possibly mean the difference between placement or euthanasia.
  • Don't forget to pack their bags.
  • Update any ID systems (tags, collars, microchips, etc)

How Can I Help
The terrific thing is anyone can help someone in this situation.  Check out the ideas below.

  • Offer to take in a pet either temporarily or permanently.
  • Check on potentially abandoned animals.
  • Contact your local shelter or rescue group immediately if you know of an animal in need.
  • Volunteer at your local shelter to help with the additional intake.
  • Donate food and pet supplies to your local shelter ot rescue groups.
  • Become a Pet Sitter or Pet Foster Home.
  • Become PAWSTRONG at No Paws Left Behind 

One of the most immediate thing you can do is donate to the 

Humane Society Foreclosure Fund

! This fund has been pulled together for shelters and rescue groups to attain additional funding to help pet owners in these tough times be able to keep their furry family too.