Two Minute Pet Care Tips from The Wild Life Radio Show

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Two Minute Pet Care Tips_Wendy Nan Rees

Looking for quick tips for taking care of your pet? PetStyle is pleased to feature two-minute audio clips from "The Wild Life," a popular pet lovers' radio show created by Wendy Nan Reese.

Cleaning Your Pet's Ears: Learn how to safely clean your dog or cat's ears. Wendy has tips for tools, techniques and even rewarding your pet for helping out.

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Helping Your Elderly Pet: Just like us humans, pets have different needs as they age. Get ideas for ways to help your fuzzy friend cope with the challenges of aging, including physical aids, exercise and adjustments to diet.

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Finding Your Runaway Pet: Get a clue of what to do when Fido or Fifi has fled. Wendy talks about why it might have happened and offers ways to conduct a smart search for your dog or cat.

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Choosing Pet Collars and Leashes: Leather or nylon? Retractable or bungee style? Collar or harness? Wendy has the low-down on choices in dog leashes, dog and cat collars, pet harnesses and more.

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About Wendy Nan Rees:  Wendy has been involved in the pet industry for over 25 years, starting when she founded Lip Smackers, Inc., a company dedicated to providing healthy, all natural treats to consumers who are concerned about the well-being of their pets. The Lip Smackers bakery still operates today out of The Pet Care Company located in Hermosa Beach, CA.

While creating her healthy products, Wendy created so many different recipes she was inspired to write her first book. "No Barking at the Table: Canine Recipes Most Begged For" was written to give dog owners some fresh and creative recipes on how to feed their best friends. Wendy followed the book with "No Barking at the Table 2" and "No Catnapping in the Kitchen".

Moving in a different direction, Wendy then published "The Name Game," a collection of over 100 celebrity essays along with over 1,000 suggestions of names. This fun book offers pet owners an entertaining and unique take on how and why people name their pets. A percentage of the proceeds from The Name Game went directly to PAWS, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people with HIV/AIDS to care for their pets.

Wendy's success as an author and dog-treat creator led to numerous television appearances. She was the "Pet Lifestyle Advisor" on Animal Planet's Pets burgh, USA and has also appeared on The Home Shopping Network. Wendy also wrote a monthly column called "In the Kitchen with Wendy" for Your Pet Magazine.

Not one to rest on her success, Wendy returned to her entrepreneurial side, helping to create Cedar Green, a line of all natural odor eliminators created with pet owners in mind. The signature product is Freshen Vac; a heat activated natural odor eliminator that can be used in vacuum cleaners, dog beds, any air vent in your home and cars.

In 2000 Wendy was diagnosed with breast cancer, which forced her to take a break from her career to focus all her energy on her recovery. While going through her treatments, Wendy found that the one place where she felt rejuvenated was when she practiced yoga. Today, Wendy is happy to say she is year's cancer free and working on her worldwide Internet radio show, THE WILD LIFE. You can hear Wendy every Thursday at 9 AM PST at Wendy is also proud to announce her new line of Natural Pet products can be found on her web site at

Still with all of this Wendy is writing a new book due out in the fall of 2008 called YOUR PETS AROUND THE WORLD. For this new book, Wendy will be taking her radio show and her dog Little Man around the world for six weeks of research on the road. You will be able to follow Wendy and Little Man around the world with their VOD (video on demand) and Radio Show, while her VOD will start to encourage a pre- published audience for Little Man and Wendy. It will be posted on her web site, on a travel web site and on all of this will be posted on Wendy's web site.

Wendy also writes a weekly pet tip for the web site she can be found on the DOG page and the CAT page. You can use many words to describe Wendy Nan Rees - author, cancer survivor, inventor, and entrepreneur. And while each of these terms is accurate, they are only part of a truly inspiring and creative woman, who uses her talents to be part of an industry that she has loved since she was a child - the world of pets.

Wendy lives in Los Angeles with her dogs Senator, Cappy and Little Man.