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  •   The trouble with heat stroke in pets is not the diagnois...any fool with a thermometer has a good chance of getting the diagnois correct...the
  •   Canine heartworms affect dogs throughout the world. These worms scientific name is Dirofilaria immitus. They are common in the hearts and
  •   Almost every breed of dog has some eye disease that is genetic or suspected to be genetic. Some breeds have a very low incidence of eye
  •   In the fall, when grasses have grown long and lush, a playful run through a field could cause your dog or cat serious infection, irritation,
  •   Epilepsy is a growing concern with pet owners and is becoming a very common problem in veterinary medicine. Epilepsy, sometimes called a
  •   One of the most common problems that bring pets to a veterinarian are ear infections. All begin suddenly, but by the time they get to me they
  •   Ear Hematomas or blood blisters are quite common in floppy-eared dogs such as hounds, spaniels and setters. They occur less frequently in dogs
  •   What to Expect when you go to the Vet If Your Pet has Diarrhea (Of Course, your vet may do things a little differently) Introduction: If
  •   Hair loss is one of the most common problems that bring dogs and cats and ferrets to my animal hospital. There are an enormous number of
  •   When your dog pumps its leg frantically to scratch its ear, or your cat bites its tail furiously until the fur falls out, it's clear that
  •   One of the most misunderstood infectious pet diseases is distemper. Many people think the term edistempere is a nickname for "bad
  •   Many people are surprised when they hear that the next stage in the medical work up for their dog or cat's disease is ultrasound. Most people
  •   Mad Dogs and Friendly Skunks One of humanity's oldest and most feared diseases is a form of viral encephalitis transmitted by the saliva of
  •   This procedure is also controversial in that many consider it an outdated, unnecessary, and therefore cruel surgery done only to make the pet
  •   Most pets and people are born with a healthy body. Their bodies begin with extra capacity to make up for the wear and tear of time. Some
  •   A special bond exists with a dog that has loved you unconditionally for many years. It's a hard thing to accept that a dog's lifespan doesn't
  •   With recent advances in canine dental care, some dog owners want help in correcting or repairing non-genetic defects. As responsible dog
  •   A brand new vaccination to protect our dogs from "Beaver Fever" has recently been approved for dogs. Giardiasis, also known as
  •   Tooth and gum problems are the most common medical condition I see in pets. Because bad breath in dogs and cats go hand in hand with other
  •   Whether you choose to adopt a dog from an animal shelter, buy from a pet store, or from a reputable breeder, you should be aware that almost




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