2 Minute Pet Tip Ear Cleaning

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It's important to recognize that when a dog is shaking and scratching their head, even whining, they may have an ear infection. In extreme cases they can exhibit loss of balance or head shaking. 

There is a simple way to avoid such extreme cases of blockage or infection by keeping your pet's ears clean. 

You can learn this technique either at the vet or a pet groomer.

Here's the basics - never use Q-tips! Instead, use rolled cotton and break off a piece about two inches long. Don't use alcohol -- use hydrogen peroxide and warm water. 

First, dip the cotton in warm water and thoroughly clean the ear. The warm water will help soften the wax. Gently but firmly remove as much wax and dirt as possible.

Next, tear off another piece of cotton and drench it with HP.  Apply the cotton to the dog's ear. It's okay if it drips inside the aural cavity as this will help dry it out and loosen matter. Repeat steps one and two until the cotton is clean.

Lastly, tear off another clean piece of cotton and dry the inside of the ear off. 

This may need to be done once a week or once a month depending on your dog.  Dogs with big floppy ears tend to trap moisture inside so they need to be cleaned more often.  Pets with small perky ears, less so. It's best to start maintaining clean ears as puppies so they get used to being handled. They will love you for it!

There are other products available at pet stores and at your vets just for this.  Some even make your pet's ears smell like wintergreen!

And that's your Two-Minute Pet Tip from the Wild Life.

By Wendy Nan Rees, author and radio personality

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 Article courtesy of Pet360