Top 10 Dog Movies of All Time

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Best Dog Movies

6. Turner & Hooch:  When Hooch, a drooling, destructive Dogue de Bordeaux, invades the home of detective Scott Turner as the only witness to a murder,you can't help but be drawn in.  Add a love story on the side and you can't help but have an amazing ending.

7. Beethoven:  This lovable, slobbering, colossal canine gets dognapped for animal testing.  His heartbroken family is determined to find him--even Dad, who wanted to get rid of him to begin with. 

8. Benji:  This classic movie about a lovable stray who is cared for by some neighborhood children whose father won't allow them to have a dog.  When the children are kidnapped, Benji takes on the mission of rescuing them--even though he can't get any humans to understand him. A real tear-jerker, this is another must have for your movie collection.

9. Best in Show:   In this comic view of the world of dog shows, you'll find the obsessive owners hysterical and the beautiful dogs irresistible.  Not your typical dog movie, you will find this documentary-style film just the thing to lift your mood.

10. Lassie Come Home:  This timeless classic is a movie everyone should see.  Your heart will swell as you follow the story of a dog who's undying love for her boy takes her though perilous encounters to get back home.  Lassie is the hero of dog trainer Cesar Millan.  She'll be your hero, too.

Article courtesy of Pet360