PetStyle Movie Review: Hotel for Dogs

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Hotel For Dogs

Determined to stay out of trouble, they panic when when they are found to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and end up running from the police, yet again.  Looking for a hiding place down an alley, Friday suddenly ducks into an old, abandoned hotel.  The kids follow nervously and discover that the hotel has two other residents, Lenny the Bull Mastiff and Georgia the Boston Terrier.  They agree that this is a great place for Friday to safely spend the night.

The next day they meet Dave and Heather, two kids Andi's age who work at the local pet store.  When Andi makes up a story about her great parents who like to rescue dogs, Dave decides that she is the perfect person to take on three more dogs who have so far been unadoptable.  Andi agrees after Dave offers to purchase the dog food they need with his employee discount.  Later, the kids meet Mark and together they embark on journey to save all the city's strays, a total of 24 dogs including their own dog Friday, and provide them with a home in the hotel.

Cleaning up the old hotel while Bruce comes up with amazing inventions to help in the monumental task of caring for all those dogs draws them all close.  At the long dinning table, shared by dogs and kids together, Bruce toasts to their "family"; something he hasn't been able to do for a long time.  Things seem to be going well until the 24/7 dog feeder malfunctions, causing doggie-chaos.  Then the Scudders find some of their missing items in Bruce's backpack while Andi is at a party with Dave and Heather.