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  • Sexy Beast's new fragrance for dogs.

  • Cool new products from Hyperdog let you play fetch with your dog without "the drool factor."

  • From pup tents to purr-ty party garb, see what's under the tree at the largest pet industry Christmas trade show.

  •   Greenies Dental Chews are a great way to treat your dog or cat while promoting dental health. Available in different sizes and flavors to
  • Pedipaws is a new product designed to help you keep your pet’s nails perfectly groomed. Much like an emory board is used to file and shape
  •   Has your pet left "scent marks" of urination and/or defecation on your floor or furniture? To successfully re-train your pet to
  •   If you are new to the world of dogs, you'll be surprised at the number of choices in collars now on the market. While the majority of collars




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