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  •   Hundreds of thousands of unwanted pets are killed in North America each year because many people still do not understand the seriousness of
  •   It's quite a common question that gets asked, and it is important that you ask it. It is a myth that every dog should keep its testicles to
  •   It's quite a common question that gets asked, and it is important that you ask it. It is a myth that every dog should have at least one
  •   Dog food producers relied on university research to help them find the right balance of protein, fat and fiber to include in the recipe for
  •   This is a list of dog food companies that operate around the word, use this list to do your research on what type of dog food is best for your
  •   People spend a lot of money buying food for their companion animals; according to Linda Bren,who quotes the Pet Food Institute, that figure
  •   Will your dog really be better off if you buy the 70-cent-per-can "gourmet" dog food instead of the ordinary half-dollar brand? Will
  •   Unravelling the Mysteries of Dog Food The old saying, "You are what you eat" applies to pets as well as people. The difference is,
  •   Line Breeding is the process whereby relatives are bred to one another in a breeding process. What species line breed? Many species line
  •   Breeding dogs is a very complex subject. The information contained on this web page are based on my opinions and research, and from the
  •   There are many plants whose common names link them to animal species. Lamb's ear, cattails, and pussy willows, for example, are so-named
  •   Many cats and dogs and ferrets are brought to my animal hospital by frowning owners because they have found a mess on the floor. Sometimes it
  •   Vaccinations protect our pets from a number of potentially deadly infectious diseases. Because many pet owners share their homes with multiple
  •   What Is Ringworm? Ringworm is not a worm - it is a fungus. It often assumes a ring-like, scaly, reddened shape on your pet’s skin.
  •   Pain management in people has become so important that it is now actually practiced as a specialty by some medical doctors. Individuals have
  •   Epilepsy is a growing concern with pet owners and is becoming a very common problem in veterinary medicine. Epilepsy, sometimes called a
  •   This is one of the most frequently asked and sometimes most difficult question a veterinarian faces. Clients ask about the expected life span
  •   What is it? Kennel cough is a bronchitis characterized by a harsh, hacking cough which most people describe as sounding like “something
  •   Many of us have been exasperated to see our treasured pet scooting along on the rug due to anal irritation. In a few female pets, this can be
  •   "Hiya Buddy! How's my pup?" you say, As if you expect an answer like: Well my two legged leader and pal; not to bad except I have an




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